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Keystone Fitness - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Keystone Fitness - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Keystone Fitness - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Keystone Fitness - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Tuesday July 9, 2024

Commercial Fitness Equipment Superstore

Meloche Windows - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Meloche Windows - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Meloche Windows - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Meloche Windows - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Tuesday June 25, 2024

Insulated Glass Line & Window Manufacturing Equipment

Welcome to Infinity Asset Solutions

Industrial Liquidators Suited for Your Business


With over 8 decades of 1experience, we are a leading full-service asset solutions provider for businesses of all sizes and spanning a variety of industries. Our team of experienced and qualified auctioneers and consummate appraisal professionals will assist you in obtaining the best value for your assets. With a special focus on industrial auctions, our industrial liquidators and specialists are adept at providing solutions to your unique requirements.


Irrespective of the scale of the business and the industry, our professionals will help you retrieve the best possible value in an industrial auction. Examining if a company has any potential for liquidation is not an easy task. However, by enlisting the services of our expert industrial liquidators, who have the prerequisite experience and resources, the process becomes easy. 


Industrial machinery auctions are extremely effective in generating fair reclaim value for used or excess equipment. That’s why we are targeted to get the best possible value for your industrial equipment. 


Our complete range of services includes industrial equipment auctions, appraisals, financing, comprehensive audits and asset remarketing. To help you obtain as much information as possible, our detailed reports include everything from lending values to bank security values, so you can make an informed decision. Hence, if you want to conduct an industrial auction, simply want an appraisal for your used equipment, or require alternate financing options, Infinity Asset Solutions has got you covered.




We at Infinity Asset Solutions conduct numerous industrial auctions for a variety of sectors ranging from CNC machining and fabrication to woodworking, foundry and more. Hence, this segment showcases our upcoming roster of industrial machinery auctions. Click on any of the auctions listed above to know more about the auction lot, closing date, address and other details.


Recent News

October 2023

As we prepare for pumpkin spice and fireplace weather, it turns out we’ve had an impressive few months here on the Infinity auction block!

Since February, we have added another (22) successful on-line auctions to our portfolio.

We truly covered it all this time, luxury carpets, CNC machinery, HVAC, sheet metal, cannabis production, ride systems and theme park attractions, window and door manufacturing, a two-day auction consisting of over $1,000,000 in new custom solid wood furnishings and their entire manufacturing plant, golf green maintenance, commercial printing, state of the art orthodontic aligner 3-d printing equipment, N95 mask manufacturing, and we finished our autumn strong with a sale of brand new E-bikes, fat bikes, and touring bikes which was a definite fan favourite.

Check back often for new sales to be posted in the snowy months ahead!

February 2023

Since our last News Update, Infinity has conducted (30) Online Auctions from a variety of industries including CNC Machining & Fabrication, Plastic Recycling, Saw Blade Repair, Foundry, Woodworking, Newspaper Printing, Banquet Hall & Restaurant Equipment, Pulp & Paper and Circuit Board Manufacturing. We even had to cancel one auction as it was sold enbloc before the auction!

Most recently, Infinity has been tasked with conducting a Complete Liquidation Sale of a Fine Quality Deisgner Rug Importer & Retailer which has been ongoing for the last few months and will conclude with a massive 2-Day Auction in March to sell off the remaining inventory.

Stay tuned for new sales to be posted in the coming weeks ahead!

August 2021

Summer News Update from Infinity Asset Solutions

We have been busy over the last several month with Infinity conducting (15) Online Auctions from industries such as CNC Machining & Fabrication, Carpet & Flooring Manufacturing, Tissue Converting, Home Electronics Wholesaler & Distribution, Construction, Plastic Injection Molding, Research & Development and Automotive Repair. Sales Results have surpassed expectations and Auction On-line Registrations continue to exceed with each sale including buyers from Overseas, Middle East and North American wide.

Our Bidspotter On-line auction sale platform is working at its optimum and with the current upgrades, is very user friendly.  

Stay tuned to see what else we have in store for the remainder of 2021!

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