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Précision Industrielle
Précision Industrielle
Précision Industrielle
Précision Industrielle
Tuesday May 2, 2023

Complete Fabrication Facility

Salco & Associates
Salco & Associates
Salco & Associates
Salco & Associates
Thursday April 13, 2023

CNC Machine Shop

Global HVAC & Automationc Inc.
Global HVAC & Automationc Inc.
Global HVAC & Automationc Inc.
Global HVAC & Automationc Inc.
Tuesday April 18, 2023

HVAC & Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment

Welcome to Infinity Asset Solutions


Industrial Liquidators Suited for Your Business


We are a full service asset solutions provider for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. Our qualified industrial liquidators and specialists include experienced auctioneers and consummate appraisal professionals that are ready to help you obtain the best value for your assets.


No matter what size your business is, and no matter what industry you work in, our team can help you to obtain the best possible value for your assets. Looking at the potential of a liquidation of a company is never an easy thing to do alone, but our professional industrial liquidators have the experience and resources to make the process easy. Our industrial machinery auctions are focused on building up value for your industrial equipment. Auctions are a highly effective method of reclaiming value for your used or excess equipment, and we are experts in organizing and overseeing these event.


If you’re considering the liquidation of a company, we can offer industrial equipment auctions, appraisals, financing, audits and more. Our reports include everything from lending values to bank security values, and we strive to help you to obtain as much information as possible so you can make the best choice for your business. If you need industrial machinery auctions or the sale of equipment, we can help. If you need alternative funding financing options, we’ve got you covered. 


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Recent News

February 2023

Since our last News Update, Infinity has conducted (30) Online Auctions from a variety of industries including CNC Machining & Fabrication, Plastic Recycling, Saw Blade Repair, Foundry, Woodworking, Newspaper Printing, Banquet Hall & Restaurant Equipment, Pulp & Paper and Circuit Board Manufacturing. We even had to cancel one auction as it was sold enbloc before the auction!

Most recently, Infinity has been tasked with conducting a Complete Liquidation Sale of a Fine Quality Deisgner Rug Importer & Retailer which has been ongoing for the last few months and will conclude with a massive 2-Day Auction in March to sell off the remaining inventory.

Stay tuned for new sales to be posted in the coming weeks ahead!

April 2022

With Spring just around the corner, Infinity is looking forward to all of the opportunities on the horizon for our buyers with Online Auctions featuring CNC Machining, Plastic Recycling, Foundry & Casting, Pulp & Paper and Much More!

In the previous 6 months we have successfully conducted (7) Online Auctions in the Woodworking, Asphalt Paving, Fabrication, Machining and Plastic Injection Molding industries.

Keep checking back to see what we have in store for the next quarter of 2022!

August 2021

Summer News Update from Infinity Asset Solutions

We have been busy over the last several month with Infinity conducting (15) Online Auctions from industries such as CNC Machining & Fabrication, Carpet & Flooring Manufacturing, Tissue Converting, Home Electronics Wholesaler & Distribution, Construction, Plastic Injection Molding, Research & Development and Automotive Repair. Sales Results have surpassed expectations and Auction On-line Registrations continue to exceed with each sale including buyers from Overseas, Middle East and North American wide.

Our Bidspotter On-line auction sale platform is working at its optimum and with the current upgrades, is very user friendly.  

Stay tuned to see what else we have in store for the remainder of 2021!

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