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Meloche Windows - Surplus to the Ongoing Operations
Tuesday June 25, 2024
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Closing: Tue. 06/25/2024 11:00 am
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6144 Morton Industrial Dr, Windsor, ON, N9J 3W3
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Monday June 24th, 9AM - 4PM or By Appointment
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Window Manufacturing

1998 (Upgraded in 2010) BILLCO GED Intercept Complete Horizontal Insulated Glass Manufacturing Line, Can Produce up to 1,200 High-Quality, Warm-Edge IGU’s per 8hr Shift w/ “Intercept Ultra” Stainless Steel Continuous U-Shaped Spacer Frames, Overall Footprint Approx. 60.5’L x 30.5’W x 13.5’H, Consisting of The Following Machines:

  • 1998 (Upgraded in 2010) GED MIS24001200411E Generation 2 “Intercept Ultra” IGU Insulated Glass Spacer Frame Building Machine, s/n 234, Ultra Conversion Upgrade in 2010 to run 0.0077” Thickness Stainless Steel, Production Rate; (3,000) 24” x 36” Frames (No Muntin) per 8hr Shift, Min Frame Length 6” x 6”, Max Frame Length 21.5’ (Based on 20’L Transfer Conveyors – Equivalent of 36” x 84” Patio Door or 50” x 70” Picture Unit), Spacer Width 7/32” – 7/8”, Frame Height 0.300” (+/- 0.005”), Screw Size #8-32, Line Speeds 1-8 Frames/Min (24” x 36” Frame – No Muntin), Auto or Semi-Auto Operation, Auto Width Adjustment, Auto Muntin Location Notching, Auto Gas Hole Punching of Spacers for Single or Dual-Hole, Auto Remake Capability, Control Sole w/ PC-Based Control, Monitor, Allen Bradley 1394 Digital Servo Motion Controller, Variable Speed Amplifier Drives, WinFrame II Software, 36” Dia. Dual-Reel Portable Motorized Uncoiler w/ (2) Rotating Spools each 0.5HP, Laser Measuring/Linear Bearing Loop Control Unit w/ 125249 Ultrasonic Sensor, Ultra Conversion Feeder Press/Punch Station, s/n 1342, Ultra Conversion Roll Former, s/n 1342 w/ (8) Top Horizontal, (9) Bottom Horizontal & (1) Vertical Pairs of Rolls & LED Display, Corner Crimper w/ LED Display, 1-3/8”W x 20’L Belt Transfer Conveyor w/ 0.5HP Motor, Overall Dimensions Approx. 524”L x 116”W x 86”H and 6,250lbs
  • 2010 GED MSMEXT410000E Smart Linear Co-Extruder, s/n 13544, LinearSkip or LinearU Extrusion, Min Frame Length 6” x 6”, Max Frame Length Unlimited, Spacer Width 7/32” – 7/8”, Line Speed 80 – 94 FPM, Sealant & Matrix Thickness Application Accuracy +/- 0.002”, Sealant Start/Stop Accuracy +/- 0.050”, Auto or Semi-Auto Operation, Expandable Desiccant Matrix Application w/ Automatic Servo Position Controlled Conveyor Width Adjustment & Application Heads, Quick-Release Hold-Down Wheels, Precision Positive Displacement Gear Pumps, Encoder-Based Dispensing for Starts/Stops/Skips, 1-1/16”W x 6’L Infeed & Outfeed Belt Conveyors, PC Based Control w/ PRO-FACE 15” LCD Touchscreen Display, WinEXTRUDE Software, Temperature Settings, Calibration Wizard for Customized Setups & Remote Diagnostics, Approx. 152”L x 48”W x 76”H and 2,900lbs
  • (2) GED MHMP41042DE 42:1 Ratio 55-Gal Drum-Type Hot Melt Sealant / Desiccant Pumps, 22”Dia. X 35”H Drum Size, Heavy Duty Dual Elevators, Insulated Material Hoses
  • 2000 BILLCO WORKHORSE II 684-8 84”W 8-Burhs Flip-Top Flat Glass Washing & Drying Machine, s/n W099180, Max Glass Width 84”, Min Glass Length 14.5” Diagonal, Glass Thickness 1/16” – ¼”, 13 – 36 FPM, 49-1/2”L Loading Section w/ Motorized Donut Roll Conveyor, 40”L Detergent Washing Section w/ (2) Pair of 8”Dia. X 85”W Low-E Bristle Brushes w/ 3HP TEFC Brush Motor & 80-Gal Cap. Water Holding Tank, (2) 20kW Heaters, OMEGA CN76000 LED Touchpad Temperature Controller, 0.5HP Pump, 40”L Rinse / Final Rinse Section w/ (2) Pair of 8”Dia. x 85”W Low-E Bristle Brushes w/ 3HP TEFC Brush Motor, 40-Gal Cap. Water Holding Tank, 1HP Pump, 38”L Drying Section w/ 20HP TEFC Blower & Sound Baffling System w/ (2) Air Knives, 49.5”L Unloading Section w/ Motorized Donut Roll Conveyor, Detergent Washing & Rinse / Final Rinse Sections w/ Flip-Top Manual Hydraulic Lift, Spray System w/ (2) Copper Spray Lines per Brush, (2) Stainless Steel Spray Lines per Brush (Final Rinse), Line Strainers & Auto Water Saver (Final Rinse), 84”W x 35.5”H Motorized Donut Roll Conveyor w/ 3”Dia. Rolls on 7” Centers & 1HP TEFC Motor, Approx. 240”L x 140”W x 100”H and 10,000lbs
  • 2010 BILLCO TITAN 500 AT-500S Gallons / Day RO Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System, s/n 88642, 150 PSI, 110/220V, 50/60 CY, 1 Ph, (2) 2.5” x 21” Membrane Elements, 5-Micron Sediment & 10-Micron Carbon Block Chlorine 4.5” x 10” Pre-Filters, 1/3HP 150 PSI Pump, Low Pressure Switch, 120-Gal Cap. Vertical Polyethylene Water Storage Tank Approx. 30”Dia. x 47”H w/ 24”Steel Stand
  • (3) BILLCO Caster-Type Transfer Tables, (1) 2.5’ x 7’ x 3’H Track-Mounted, s/n W0-85114-4, Dimensions 84” x 32” x 36”H, (1) 2.5’ x 4’ x 3’H, s/n N/A, Dimensions 48” x 30” x 36”H, (1) 4’ x 4’ x 3’H Pneumatic, s/n W0-85114-1 w/ 8”Dia. Suction Cup, Dimensions 50” x 50” x 36”, All Transfer Tables w/ ¾”W x 2”Dia. Swivel Casters on 6” Centers
  • GED M813-0310 42”W x 20’L Overhead Spacer Frame Hanging Conveyor, Transports Completed Frames from Extruder to Transfer Tables Between Washer & Oven / Roll Press Line, (3) Feed Chains on 15” Centers w/ Hooks on 5” Centers, 7.5 FPM Conveyor Speed, On/Off Photo Sensors Automatically Advance Conveyor When Frames Are Removed, Approx. 262”L x 96”W x 36”H
  • GED MHM03500416R 84”W Dual-Zone Oven / Roll Press Line, s/n 9536, Min Unit Size 12” x 12” Running Straight & 9” x 9” Running Diagonally, Max Unit Size 84” x 120”, Unit Thickness 3/8” – 2”, Auto Operation, CS-DS-E 84”W x 4.5’L x 34” – 38”H Motorized Skate Wheel Infeed Conveyor w/ 4”Dia. Wheels on 6” Centers, 4.5’L Dual-Zone Heating Oven, Can Run Greater or Equal to 42”W IGU’s w/ Single-Zone with Operating Temperature 650-950 Degrees F, Line Speeds 3 – 35 FPM, Each Zone w/ PLC Controlled Auto Idle Standby Mode, (3) Emitter Banks w/ Total of (16) Emitters, WATLOW LED Touchpad Temperature Controller, 2’L Roll Press w/ (3) Top & (3) Bottom 6”Dia/ x 88” Rubber Rolls, Variable Speed, Motorized Roll Height Adjustment, LED Display, 2HP Motor, CS-DS-E 84”W x 6.5’L x 34” – 38”H Motorized Skate Wheel Outfeed Conveyor, 4”Dia. Wheels on 6” Centers, 84”W x 4’L Ball Transfer Outfeed Conveyor w/ 1.5”Dia. Balls on 6” Centers, Approx. 275”L x 125”W x 67”H and 11,000lbs
  • REX MANUFACTURING 118KVA & 93KVA Transformers, 600V to 480Y/277V

2011 BILLCO CNC 2200 108” x 144” Glass Optimization Cutting Machine w/ Edge Deletion, Z-95” Z-Axis Cutting Head and Automatic Cutting Wheel Changing, s/n 38672-01A , Max Glass Size 108” x 144”, Min Glass Size 48” x 60”, Glass Thickness 0.09” – 0.75”, Air Flotation Table Size 110” x 168” x 36”H, Dense Woven Black Felt Surface, (3) Left & (3) Right 5/8”W Recessed Feed Chains on 15” Centers, Bridge Travel 162”, Max Cutting Speed 4,500 IPM, Cut Tolerance +/- 0.015”, Deletion Speed 4,000 IPM, Auto Edge Detection & Edge Deletion, Front Locating Stops, Z-95 SUPER HEAD 360 Degree Servo-Controlled Rotary Cutting Head w/ Servo-Controller Z-Axis for Automatic Glass Thickness and Wheel Dia. Adjustment, Pneumatic Cutting Pressure Adjustment, Pressurized Lubrication System, Advanced Cutting Wheel Guidance, Auto Cutting Wheel Changing w/ (6) Spare Cutting Wheel Stations, Maintenance Free AC Digital Motors, High Res / High Torque Digital Step & Direction Servo Motors, Rack & Pinion Bridge and Head Travels, Aluminum Alloy Bridge, CNC Control Console w/ (2) 17” Displayers, BILLCO BUTLER Operating Interface Software, HP3 BATCHBAN Optimization Software (Full Version), Supports Motion Control (G-Code) & Machine Control (Ladder Logic Programs) and Remote Diagnostics, Operating & Maintenance Manual, Mechanical & Electrical Drawings, Spare Parts List, Transformer, Dimensions of Glass Cutting Machine 202”L x 170”W x 63”H, Dimensions of Control Console 48”L x 36”W x 63”H, Dimensions of Electrical Cabinet 45”L x 20”W x 84”H

ROLLTECH INDUSTRIES MCT 912-A-2BB 9’ x 12’ x 36”H Single-Axis Air Floatation Breakout Table, Overall Table Size 109” x 145” x 36”H, Max Glass Size 108” x 144”, 38.5”, 32”, 38.5” Breakout Sections, (2) Table Length Pneumatic Breaker Bars, Controls on Table End, DAYTON 4C329 4HP, 3,450 RPM TEFC Direct Drive Blower w/ Start/Stop Button Control Stations on (3) Sides, (4) Screw-Type Adjustable Feet

KEAR FABRICATION K-05A 72”W x 10”D x 60”H Double-Sided A-Frame Flat Glass Dolly, (2) Swivel & (2) Fixed 8”Dia. x 2.5”W Phenolic Casters, Screw-Type Floor Lock, (2) Safety Bars, Rubber Contact Surfaces

UNIVAL 520 L Dual-Head Vinyl Welding Machine, 81” Head Travel, Fixed Left & Movable Right Heads, (4) OMRON Temperature Controllers, (2) E5ES LED w/ Touchpad & (2) E5C2 Analog w/ Dial, Transformer

(2) GIOVANNI / APB COPY S Single-Head Copy Routers, 9,5” x 21.75” x 33.5”H Table Size, 1HP Motor, (2) Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps, 48”L x 3”H Fence, s/n’s 0663/89001, 0275/6319

SAMPSON MN 14 14” Double Miter Saw, 5.75” x 31.5” x 35”H Table Size, Cutting Cap. 7”H x 1”W at Max Height & 3.75”W x 3”H at Max Width, Cutting Accuracy +/- 0.005”, +/- Min Arc, Arbor Dia. 5/8”, Blade Speed 12,000 SFM, Cycle Time 3 Sec, Pneumatic Blade Actuation w/ Foot Pedal, (2) 1.5HP, 3,450 RPM Motors, (2) 36”L x 3.75”H Fence, s/n 89049

SAMPSON MN 12 12” Double Miter Saw, 5.75” x 31.5” x 35”H Table Size, Cutting Cap. 5.5”H x 1”W at Max Height & 3.75”W x 2.5”H at Max Width, Cutting Accuracy +/- 0.005”, +/- Min Arc, Arbor Dia. 5/8”, Blade Speed 11,000 SFM, Cycle Time 3 Sec, Pneumatic Blade Actuation w/ Foot Pedal, (2) 1.5HP, 3,425 RPM Motors, (2) 32.75” x 2.25” Fence, s/n 89048

LETARTE ECON-O-MITRE EM 11 B 11” Double Miter Saw, Cutting Cap. 3” x 3”, Table Height 35”, Pneumatic Blade Actuation, Foot Pedal Control, s/n 473284 (Note: Missing 1 Motor)

ELU MGS 72 300mm (11.81”) Bench-Top Miter Saw w/ Cabinet Base, 11” x 25” x 37”H Table Size, 3,400 RPM Motor, 100”L Cap. X 2.25”W x 1.5”H Manual Stop, 18”L x 3”W x 1.5”H Outfeed Fence, s/n 181019

ELU MGS 72 300mm (11.81”) Bench-Top Miter Saw, 11” x 25” x 4.75”H Table Size, 1,450W – 3,800 RPM Motor, 27” x 24” x 27.5”H Steel Stand, 5/8” Thick Plywood Top, s/n 3856

LINCOLN RF66KB361 14” Vertical Contour Metal Cutting Band Saw, 16” x 19.75” x 38”H Table Tile 15 Degree Left & Right, Max Height Under Guard 8”, Wheel Dia. 14”, Blade Size 5/8”W x 113”L, Variable Blade Speeds 30 – 90 MPM, Blade Shear, Blade Welder / Grinder, Work Light, s/n B361329

GARRETT TOOLING Pneumatic Door Frame Machine, 42” x 84” Cap., Working Height 38”, (6) 3”Dia. Pneumatic Clamps, 92) For Left Jamb, (2) For Right Jamb, (2) For Header, Manual Rack & Pinion Width Adjustment

DELTA 10 10” Radial Arm Saw, Blade Size 20” x 30” x 4.75”H, Rip Cap. 0-14” In / 12” – 24” Out, Blade Bevel Angle 90 Degree Left & Right, Radial Arm Swing Range 45 Degree Left & Right, 3,450 RPM, 30” x 42” x 33”H Steel Frame Stand, ¾” Thick Plywood Top

CRAFTSMAN 113.278570C 10” Radial Arm Saw, 28” x 44” x 37”H Table Size, Rip Ca. 1.5” – 17.5” In / 10.5” – 27.5” Out, 3,450 RPM, LCD Miter / Bevel / Elevation / Rip Display, 2-Door Cabinet, s/n 88356M0067

DELTA HOMECRAFT 18” Bench-Top Drill Press, 8” x 8” Table Size, 8” LR x 6.25” FB Base Size, Quill Travel 3-1/2, s/n BM9838

ITW RANSBURG Electrostatic Waterbase Paint Finishing System, AquaTank 5-Gal Cap. 21”Dia. x 32”H Voltage Isolation Tank, 55-PSI, 75786 Spray Gun w/ Max Paint Pressure 100 PSI & Hose, 76580-61001 40W Control Unit / Power Supply, Output Voltage 0 – 10V, Output Current 1/2A, 9040 CASCADE Low Voltage Module, s/n 241111

Lot of (6) 10L Cap. Pressure Pots, 80-PSI, (2) Spray Guns, (2) Regulators & Hoses

ZEKS HEATSINK 35HSEA100 35 CFM Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer, R-22, 1/3HP Compressor Motor, 1/15HP Fan Motor, s/n 244975

WOOD’S Powr-Grip Manual Ladder Lift System

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