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Thursday April 11, 2024
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CNC Machining


FEN Industrial
245 King George Rd. #212
Brantford, Ontario
Canada N3R 7N7
Attn: Steve Gallagher
Office: 1-800-347-0471
Mobile: 1-905-807-2337


CNC Vertical Machining Centers

2019 HAAS VF-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center, CNC Control, CAT40, 8,100 RPM Spindle, Approx. 2,686 Feed Cutting Time Hours, Chip Auger, Chip Strainer, Umbrella ATC, Rigid Tapping, Ethernet, HAAS Connect, Wifi, s/n 1165379, HAAS 4th Axis Rotary Table

2005 HAAS VF-2B CNC Vertical Machining Center, CNC Control, CAT40, (20) Umbrella ATC, 20HP 2-Speed Gear Drive, 1,000 IPM Feed Rate, 14” x 40” Table, Lights, Chip Auger, Flood Coolant, HAAS 4th Axis Rotary, s/n 41576


CNC Turning Centers

HARDINGE Conquest ST25 Gang Tool CNC Turning Center, GE Fanuc O-T CNC Control, s/n ST-172-25, Spego Turnamic Bar Feed System, Approx. 15’L

HARDINGE Cobra 65 CNC Turning Center, Model LC65, 12-Station Turret, Tailstock, 8” Chuck, GE Fanuc 21-T CNC Control, s/n C65-170, HARDINGE Har-Matic Hydrodynamic Retractable Bar Feed System, Approx. 15’L w/ Spare Push Bars

HARDINGE Conquest T42 CNC Turning Center, Model SG-42, GE Fanuc Series 18-T CNC Control, Collet Chuck, Tailstock, 12-Station Turret, Parts Catcher, s/n SGA-1712-B, Spego Bar Feed System, Approx. 15’L



DEAN SMITH GRACE Lathe, 13” x 30”, 12” 4-Jaw Chuck, 1.5” Bore, Tailstock, Tool Post, s/n 34503


HARDINGE Toolroom Lathe

MODERN Lathe, 18” x 60”, 7” Chuck, 1.5” Bore, Tailstock, Tool Post, Moden Tracermatic Attachment

WARNEY SWASEY M-1200 Turret Lathe, 8” 3-Jaw Chuck, 6-Station Turret, Tool Post, Push Bar, s/n 494074


Milling Machines

TOS FNK 25A Vertical Milling Machine, 12” x 49” Table, Speeds to 4,500 RPM

WYSSBROD Horizontal Milling Machine

HMT FN2EH Horizontal Milling Machine, 40 Taper, 8” x 48” Table, s/n 1777



STUDER S32 CNC Cylindrical Grinder, Fanuc 160i-T CNC Control, X-300mm Axis, Z-485mm Axis, 500mm Max Grinding Diameter, 400mm Grinding Length, 203mm Bore, 350mm Max Swing, 80kg Max Workpiece Weight, 30 Degree Head Rotation, Marposs P5 Process Controller, Rotary Disc Dresser, Filter and Coolant System

CINCINNATI MILACRON 220-8 Centreless Grinder, Hoffman DT-20 Filter and Coolant System, .030” – 4.75” Workpiece Diameter, 6,500 ft/min Grinding Wheel Speed, Max Travel Lower Slide 6.375”, Max Travel Upper Slide 2.875”, Max Swivel to Front 1 Degree, Max Swivel to Rear 2 Degree

CINCINNATI MILACRON ML CNC Centreless Grinder, 4”W Wheel

BLANCHARD Rotary Surface Grinder, 30” Dia. Table

JONES & SHIPMAN 1300X Cylindrical Grinder, 48” Bed, Digital Controls, Speeds to 450 RPM

BROWN & SHARPE No. 10 Cylindrical Grinder, 22” Bed, Speeds to 319 RPM

BROWN & SHARPE No. 3 Cylindrical Grinder, 68” Bed

FINNY Newall Cylindrical Grinder, Mitutoyo 2-Axis DRO, 28” Bed

JONES & SHIPMAN Surface Grinder, 8” x 24” Magnetic Chuck

(3) CINCINNATI No. 2 Tool Grinders, 39” Bed, Adjustable Column, s/n’s 05411-20, CK6402-3, 1D211K-1029

CINCINNATI Bertram No. 2 Dual-Sided Tool Grinder, 36” Bed, Adjustable Column, s/n 1X740

CINCINNATI Tool Grinder, 36” Bed, Adjustable Column, s/n 252125H111

CINCINNATI Monoset Tool Post Grinder, s/n PD1C55EV104

OERLIKON FS21 Grinder, 16” Bed, s/n 297170

FINNY Tap Sharpener, 16” Bed

HERTLEIN Semi-Automatic Chamfer Machine, Multi Drive Speed Control

HERTLEIN TC 200 Chamfer Machine, s/n TC7013

HERTLEIN GP-125-8 Chamfer Machine, s/n GP-7210

HERTLEIN SF-410-2 Fluting Machine, s/n S7925

HERTLEIN SQ 100 Fluting Machine, s/n SQ6714

HERTLEIN SF 410-2 Fluting Machine, Digital Control, S9711


FORD SMITH Dual Pedestal Grinder

FORD SMITH Dual Grinder



DOALL C-8A Horizontal Bandsaw, Approx. 8” x 12” Cap., Clamping, Outfeed Roller Conveyor, s/n 224-65110

WELLS Horizontal Bandsaw w/ Outfeed Roller Conveyor



TOYOTA 42-7FG25 Propane Forklift, 4,700lb Cap., 185” Max Lift, 3-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Outdoor Tires, s/n 12724



2012 KAESER AS 20 Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 20HP, s/n 1003

KAESER AS 36 Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 36HP

KAESER KRD 150 Air Dryer


Plant Support Equipment

2009 LOSMA DTE-DCO 150/400 Gravity Bed Coolant Filters, Approx. 3’ x 14’

MICRO PRODUCTS RW-3 Precision Spot Welder, 20 KVA, s/n 32716

SMOG-HOG Oil Filtration and Recovery Units

BL FURNACES ESB301830 Electric Furnace, 1,000F Max Temp, s/n 65530

Dip & Quench Wash Tanks

SIC baSIC 150 Engraver

MONODE AM10A Marking Machine

TAYLOR HOBSON Etching Machine

JONES & LAMSON Special FC-14 Optical Comparator, 14” Dia. Screen

JONES & LAMSON PC-14A Optical Comparator, 14” Screen, s/n E37200

JONES & LAMSON Optical Comparator, 14” Dia. Screen

FUNDITOR C-Frame Press, 12” x 9” Bed


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