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Upcoming Industrial Equipment and Plant Auctions

As a leader in the auction and business liquidation industry, Infinity Asset Solutions regularly hosts industrial equipment auctions for a diverse clientele. In the past, our expert auctioneers have covered a variety of sectors such as machining, fabrication, metalworking, plastics, printing, construction, woodworking, textiles, pulp & paper, automotive, forestry, recycling, biotech & pharmaceutical and more. Furthermore, depending on the inventory, equipment auctions can be organized across multiple days, ensuring the best possible value for the assets. 

As a leader in auctions and business liquidations, Infinity Asset Solutions has carved out a reputation for handling high-profile transactions with finesse and expertise. One notable aspect of their portfolio is their involvement with sports stars, where they facilitate the sale of assets ranging from luxury homes to memorabilia and even entire business ventures. Infinity Asset Solutions' collaboration with sports stars reflects their deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by athletes in managing their wealth beyond their playing careers, about which read more at Many sports professionals accumulate valuable assets throughout their careers, including real estate, high-end vehicles, collectibles, and investment portfolios. When the time comes to transition or liquidate these assets, Infinity steps in with tailored auction and liquidation strategies to maximize returns while ensuring a seamless process for their high-profile clients.


If you are looking to derive the highest value for your used industrial equipment and want to get equipment auctions professionally organized, contact our expert auctioneers and liquidators at Infinity Asset Solutions. 

FAQs For Sellers:

Organizing plant auctions or industrial equipment auctions can seem like a daunting task. However, with our proficient and experienced team, your assets are in the right hands. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions you might have regarding commercial auctions, as a seller :


How To Approach An Auctioneer?

Once you’ve made the decision to auction off your machinery & equipment, it is paramount to contact a reputable auctioneer. To gauge if an auctioneer is right for your specific circumstances, check for relevant experience, qualifications and market channels. This will provide clarity on finding the right organization for conducting plant auctions or industrial equipment auctions. Infinity Asset Solutions has vast experience across many sectors and can assist in selling your surplus equipment.


What Are Some Prerequisites Before Conducting An Auction?

After contacting a reputable and experienced industrial auctioneer, it is important to have other details readily available to help streamline to due diligence process such as how much time do you have remaining at the facility to have everything removed, are there any hazardous waste or environmental concerns that need to be addressed with respect to the used industrial equipment, etc. Infinity Asset Solutions will guide you through this process to better understand your situation and provide you with a custom-tailored proposal designed to meet your needs. Contact us today to find out about the different Commercial Auction Proposals we offer.


FAQs For Buyers:

Industrial Equipment Auctions can be a great, economical solution for buyers to purchase quality machinery & equipment at a reasonable price rather than buying brand-new equipment. However, new buyers may have questions about the auction process such as the requirements to register for the auction, additional fees, equipment removal process, etc.. Some of the most common queries are stated below.


How To Register and Participate In An Auction As A Bidder?

To participate in plant auctions as a bidder, the first step is to create an account on the bidding platform Once your account is ready, log in and then navigate to the specific Infinity Asset Solutions Auction you’d like to participate in and click on the button “Sign Up to bid”. You can register up until the morning of the auction, but we recommend doing so at least 24 hours before the sale date. We require a $2,000 pre-authorized refundable deposit with your credit card on file to be approved for bidding. Once you’ve been approved, you are free to bid and start getting deals on used industrial equipment. For complete details on the registration process, please visit our Buyer Information page.


What if I Want to Purchase Equipment but Can’t Register and/or Participate in the Auction?

In such an event, please feel free to contact our office at 905-669-8893 and we can assist you in filling out the Absentee/Proxy Bid Form. You can submit an advance bid, or indicate the maximum price you are willing to pay for an auction lot. This will allow us to bid on your behalf at commercial auctions. 


Have more questions or concerns? Reach out to us directly at 905-669-8893 today!

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