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Why You Should Consider Hosting a Surplus Equipment Auction

May 03, 2021

Many companies find themselves with excess or unused equipment that end up taking valuable space in their facilities. Auctions are a great opportunity for companies to sell their surplus equipment and there are many benefits that come with hosting one. Once you have gone through your inventory and have identified which machines are no longer being utilized, you can work with a reputable auction company such as Infinity Asset Solutions to help you get started.


Here are some of the benefits of hosting a surplus equipment auction:

Identify Obsolete Equipment

Take a good, thorough look at all the machinery & equipment in your facility. You may be surprised by the amount of surplus equipment currently not serving a purpose and could be converted into liquidity for your company.

Recover Capital

Auctioning off your unused equipment will not only clear up floor space in your facility but it’s also a great opportunity to recuperate capital which can then be invested back into the company. Working with a proven Industrial Auction Company such as Infinity Asset Solutions will help maximize the value of your underutilized equipment with our industrial asset monetization services.

Declutter and Save Money

Industrial equipment can be large or bulky and take up valuable floor space. The additional floor space required to house the surplus equipment ultimately increases a company’s overhead cost. Selling off the surplus machinery & equipment can help a business reduce and optimize its operating footprint.

Leave it to the Experts

If you’re planning on selling surplus equipment, work with a reputable Industrial Auction Specialist such as Infinity Asset Solutions. As an industry leader, Infinity is dedicated to helping businesses sell surplus and used equipment. If you’re interested in hosting an auction contact Infinity to get started today.

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