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Why Selling At Commercial Auctions Is Worth It

March 18, 2021

Do you have any surplus equipment or machines that you plan to dispose of and ideally liquidate? Well, one of the best ways to do it is via commercial auctions. This type of market substantially differs from traditional selling channels. So why is selling through this avenue an option worth trying? 

The key advantage that commercial auctions provide to sellers is the complete control of how your item will be sold and for how much.

This is because you set the terms and it is the buyers that determine the price they are willing to pay for the item. But you still have to keep in mind that in a market situation like this when the buyers determine the last price. It’s the auctioneer’s team to emphasize the opportunity of purchasing items at a wholesale price. 

Also, during commercial auctions, you will be given guidance from the auction service you’re partnering with when it comes to offer strategies. For example you may be recommended to offer a suggested starting bid at which the bidding process starts. This makes commercial auctions very attractive to sellers since you can either accept or reject the current high bid. You can also decide on the lowest bid reserve price, but with this strategy you are also obliged to sell your equipment at such a price that has to be below your desired closing price. This is to promote a great upward trend of the bidding. 


Whoever wins the bid, you, as the seller, can accept the highest bid price at the conclusion of the auction without setting a required price. Lastly, joining in this type auction gives you a sure and quick marketing time that is usually in the timeframe of about 60 to 90 days. This specified date serves as your deadline by which buyers can act upon if they really want to purchase your item. The auctioneer is the one who is liable when it comes to preparing the item and whatever documentation is needed for its auction, so you have less of a workload when it comes to prep work. 


If you’re interested in liquidating assets, Infinity Asset Solutions has an experienced team of auctioneers that have been providing auction services across several industries. Contact us today to learn more how your business can benefit from our professional services!


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