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Why Acquiring Surplus Equipment is Good for Business

October 17, 2019

New equipment often comes with a hefty price tag, which is why purchasing surplus equipment from other businesses can provide significant advantages. Auctions and brokerages have made this process more accessible than ever, with the business providing the surplus equipment and the business purchasing it both benefitting from the middlemen facilitating these transactions.

It is important to note that a surplus equipment auction or brokerage is not the same as a liquidation sale.

In the latter, a company has been forced to cease operations, and has decided to auction off its equipment in order to help them recover some capital to pay off creditors. When it comes to surplus equipment, the items for auction have not always been used, and the company providing the surplus equipment is in no way out of business.


If you’re a business looking for high-quality equipment and machinery, consider getting surplus equipment for these reasons:

1. Low cost

Surplus equipment is often very reliable – the company that is providing them simply just does not need to use them. Because the equipment is not coming from a company that is liquidating, you will often be able to find items with more advanced technology, such as milling machines with the latest CNC technology, or the latest fibre laser cutting machine. You can even find some equipment that has never been used and is still in its original packaging.

2. Reduced logistics costs and time

Locally sourced equipment means decreased freight costs and shorter delivery times. Also, the potential for transit damage is reduced when the equipment is shipped locally. Speaking of buying local, it helps promote more local wealth and the circulation of money within the local economy, benefiting your community.

3. Surplus equipment dealers are your one-stop-shop

Infinity Asset Solutions has a wide reach into a range of industries, helping facilitate the re-sale of all sorts of equipment. This means we have auctions all year round targeting all kinds of industries and featuring a massive range of items that will be able to cover virtually every need. Having a single place where you can find most of the assets for your company at lower prices means you don’t have to go from one place to another, saving time and fuel costs.


In a nutshell, acquiring surplus equipment gives business owners amazing benefits. Infinity Asset Solutions can help you stock your business with all the equipment you need. Just stay up to date on our auctions by visiting our website, or get in touch with our brokerage division, Trader Machinery Inc., which has its own warehouse that you can come visit.  

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