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What Equipment Auctions can do for your Asset

January 24, 2020

Have you ever wondered why business owners are turning to auctions to sell their used equipment?  If you have been considering this type of public sale, you might be surprised to know what equipment auctions can do for your assets and how it can positively affect your bottom line.

Here are some reasons to consider selling at an auction:

Focus on Marketing


An auction company crafts targeted email campaigns, sends direct mail brochures, places newspaper advertisements and creates other marketing techniques in both online and offline channels.


Create a Sense of Urgency


The advertisements and other marketing techniques create a sense of urgency that the equipment will be sold on the scheduled auction day. As a result, the asset is quickly and successfully sold to the highest bidder.


Expose your Asset to Potential Buyers


With the help of an auction company, you save your time and effort negotiating with buyers who are not serious about acquiring your equipment.


Get the True Market Value


The right auction company aims to sell your industrial equipment at its true market value and can generate competition between buyers. 

Selling your equipment in auctions is an effective way to improve your bottom line. With the right marketing strategy to the right audience, you can dispose of your used equipment in the quickest time possible.


Are you looking for an auction company that not only sells your equipment but also provides a full suite of industrial asset monetization services to help maximize the value of your used equipment? Infinity Asset Solutions employs machine tool auctions to help liquidate your industrial equipment as we aim to offer the best possible return for your business. We also craft world class marketing campaigns with extreme attention to detail which enable us to offer our clients industry-leading auction results and service.

Call us at 905-669-8893 and see how our equipment auctions can help you.

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