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Upcoming Woodstock Fitness & Racquet Club Auction

September 08, 2020

Here at Infinity Assets, we host machinery and equipment auctions of all kinds. We have an upcoming Woodstock Fitness & Racquet Club auction on Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 11:00 am! Check out some of the equipment that will be available in this auction below:


Squash Courts

(2) ANDERSON COURTS Regulation Squash Courts, Wood Flooring, Plexiglass Viewing (Paid $100k Each)


Cardio Equipment

(10) MATRIX Ultimate Deck Treadmills w/ Incline, Digital Display, TV Screen, Heart Rate Monitor

(6) MATRIX Elliptical Machines w/ TV Screen, Heart Rate Monitor, Digital Display

(2) MATRIX Stepper Machines w/ Heart Rate Monitor

(2) CYBEX "The Arc" Arc Trainers w/ TV Screen & Digital Display

(5) MATRIX Stationary Bikes w/ Heart Rate Monitor

(2) MATRIX Recumbent Bikes w/ Heart Rate Monitor

(9) LIVESTRONG LS-Series Class S Stationary Spin Bikes


Strength Training Equipment

MATRIX G3-MS50 5-Stack Multi-Station Cable Workout Including Lat Pulldown, Tricep Pushdown, Seated Row, (2) Free Motion Cable Machines, Attachments, etc.

MATRIX G3-MSFT4P Functional Trainer Machine w/ Attachments

MATRIX Supine Bench Press Machine, Plate Loaded

MATRIX Incline Bench Press Machine, Plate Loaded

MATRIX GS-S10 Chest Press Machine

MATRIX G3-S12 Pec Fly Machine

MATRIX G3-S22 Rear Delt / Pec Fly Machine

MATRIX MG-937 Chin Assist / Dip Assist Machine

MATRIX G3-S30 Lat Pulldown Machine

MATRIX G3-S31 Seated Row Machine

MATRIX G3-S52 Back Extension Machine

MATRIX MG-PL23 Incline Shoulder Press Machine, Plate Loaded

MATRIX G3-S20 Shoulder Press Machine

MATRIX MG-PL70 45-Degree Leg Press Machine, Plate Loaded

MATRIX G3-S70 Horizontal Leg Press Machine

MATRIX G3-S71 Leg Extension Machine

MATRIX G3-S72 Seated Leg Curl Machine

MATRIX MG-PL77 Seated Calf Raise Machine, Plate Loaded

CYBEX VR1 Hip Abduction / Adduction Machine

MATRIX Arm Curl Machine

MATRIX G3-S45 Seated Tricep Extension Machine

MATRIX G3-S51 Abdominal Crunch Machine

MATRIX G3-S55 Rotary Torso Machine


Free Weights, Racks, Barbells, Plates, Benches

(3) BELLS OF STEEL Light Commercial Power Rack 5.1 Power Racks w/ Y Dip Attachment, Adjustable Monolift Attachment, Multi-Grip Pullup/Chinup Attachment, Sandwich J-Cups, Roller J-Cups, Spotter Straps, (4) Band Pegs, etc.

BELLS OF STEEL Belt Squat Machine 2.0 w/ Heavy Duty Belt, 700lb Plate Capacity, Optional Side/Top Loaded Pegs, Top & Bottom Band Pegs

BELLS OF STEEL Might Grip Flat Bench 2.0, 4” Thick Pad, 1,000lb Capacity

BELLS OF STEEL Flat/Incline/Decline Bench – Commercial 3.0, 1,000lb Capacity, 20 – 85 Degree

BELLS OF STEEL Bumper Plate Tree and Bar Holder 2.0 w/ (3) Barbells, Rotating Sleeves, (1) Multi-Grip Swiss Bar 2.0, Rotating Sleeves, Dead Bounce Bumper Plates – (2)-55lb, (4)-45lb, (2)-35lb, (2)-25lb, (2)-15lb, (2)-10lb

MATRIX Smith Machine

(2) MATRIX G1-FW159 2-Tier Dumbbell Racks w/ YORK & NORTHERN LIGHTS Dumbbell Sets (2.5lb - 120lb)

HOIST 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

NORTHERN LIGHTS Barbell Rack w/ 20lb - 110lb Barbells

YORK Plates - (18+)-45lb Plates, (18+)-35lb Plates, (14+)-25lb Plates, (60+)-10lb Plates, (59+)-5lb Plates, (51+) 2.5lb Plates

MATRIX G3-FW52 Hyper Extension Bench

MATRIX G1-FW155 Preacher Curl Bench

(3) MATRIX Olympic Flat Benches

MATRIX Decline Bench

(2) MATRIX Adjustable Benches

PLUS: (5) Olympic Barbells, (3) Cambered Bars, Hex Deadlift Bar, Dip Stands, T-Bar, Rowing Attachments, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls, Scales, Bosu Balls, Mats, Foam Rollers, Weightlifting Belts, Small YORK Plates, Small Barbells, Barbell Clips, AMSTAFF Plate Loaded Sled w/ Artificial Turf, (3) BLAZER Hurdles, Platforms, Bands, Hot Yoga Heaters, TRX Equipment, Punching Bags, Ropes, (4) TOSHIBA Flatscreen TV’s w/ Mounts, Men’s & Women’s Lockers, Shelving, Signage, Reception Area, Fridges, Office Furniture, Computer Equipment, Racquets, Daycare Area




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