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Understanding Equipment Appraisals

November 29, 2019

Equipment appraisals are performed to determine the value of a given industrial asset. There are many factors that go into the appraisal process – such as initial cost, depreciation, comparative market value, and years serviced.

Thinking about the myriad of factors that go into the appraisal process can be overwhelming.  The key is to seek the services of a reliable equipment appraiser to ensure you reclaim as much value as you can for your industrial assets.


Today we’ll answer a few questions regarding the equipment appraisal process so you have a better idea of what to expect during the valuation process.


What is the purpose of equipment appraisals?


At its core, appraisals are educated opinions on fair market value. Asset appraisals serve a dual purpose: to inform fair market value, and to stand as a bench mark for how much you can re-sell the asset for. As mentioned above, appraisal values take into consideration a number of factors that will range from industry to industry, and from machine to machine.


What are prospective issues that could occur?


It is because appraisals are at best educated opinions on how much a given industrial asset should cost, that sometimes appraised value may not encompass the actual value of the asset. Appraisers must do their research and follow procedure when it comes to the valuation process. Finding an appraiser with relevant industry experience offers more assurance than an appraiser who is not acquainted with the factors that affect market value for your industry.


Why is it important to find a reliable equipment appraiser?


Finding a reliable equipment appraiser allows you to rest assured knowing they offer the capabilities and knowledge necessary to ensure you get the most value out of your equipment, while not delineating from fair market value.

Infinity Asset Solutions is experienced serving businesses of all sizes and from a range of industries when it comes to delivering appraisal services. Our team of certified appraisers are here to make the valuation process seamless. For all your industrial asset appraisal needs, call Infinity Assets today!

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