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The Importance of Finding a Reputable Auctioneer

November 08, 2019

If you’re thinking of auctioning off used industrial equipment – you likely understand that finding an auction service can aid in making the process more seamless. What can be daunting is finding an auctioneer you can count on to ensure you reclaim the most value for your used or surplus industrial equipment.

As reputable auctioneers with over 75 years of experience helping businesses from a large range of industries reclaim value for their equipment, Infinity Asset Solutions is here to stress the importance of finding an auctioneer who can effectively provide you with the results you’re looking for.


Today we outline three major considerations when seeking the services of a used industrial equipment auctioneer.


Relevant Experience


Finding an auctioneer with the relevant experience is an essential indicator to determining quality service. The more experience an auctioneer has – the more likely they are capable of properly attributing and reclaiming value for your used industrial equipment. Try to find an auctioneer who is well versed in dealing with assets in your industry.


Relevant Qualifications


A reputable auctioneer will also hold the relevant qualifications and certifications needed to ensure auction success. Do your due-diligence and learn what credentials are necessary to ensuring your auctioneer of choice is well versed in the regulatory laws and regulations when it comes to reclaiming the best possible value for your used or surplus industrial equipment.


Relevant Marketing Strategy  


Finally, the auctioneer of choice should have a full-proof marketing strategy capable of attracting prospective buyers to the auction. An effective marketing strategy will increase the pool of prospective buyers and increase competition – all positive factors that contribute to reclaiming the most value for your equipment.


The Infinity Asset Solutions Difference


When it comes to experience, knowledge, and auction-success, Infinity Asset Solutions is capable of ensuring you reclaim the best possible value for your used or surplus industrial equipment. With years of experience understanding and meeting the unique needs of businesses from a large array of backgrounds – you can rest assured knowing we are fully capable of ensuring the best possible outcome when it comes to the auction process.

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