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The Benefits of Buying and Selling Surplus Equipment

December 02, 2019

Many companies may find themselves in the position of either having excess equipment, or not having enough equipment. Excess equipment can also be referred to as surplus equipment, indicating that your current operations can be executed without a significant amount of your equipment inventory. On the other hand, not having enough equipment may mean that you are expanding your operations, or that you are just starting out. In both those cases, most companies would want to optimize for affordability and quality when purchasing extra equipment.

Auctions present a great opportunity for both buyers and sellers to benefit. Auction companies such as Infinity Asset Solutions can step in and be the mediator between sellers of surplus equipment and buyers. Here are just some of the many benefits of participating in a surplus equipment auction:

Benefits of buying surplus equipment:

1. Save money

Depending on the specific equipment you purchase, you can save anywhere between 20% and 90% by buying surplus equipment. This is a huge boon for companies that want to make the most of their budget and be more economical. Keep in mind that not all surplus equipment is old. Many companies end up acquiring new equipment that they do not use and will re-sell at a lower price as part of their surplus inventory.

2. Find obscure equipment

Companies that sell surplus equipment have typically been in the business for a long time, which means they have access to equipment that may no longer be on the market. If you are looking for specialized equipment, an auction is a good place to go.

3. Save time

At Infinity Asset Solutions, many of our auctions are run online where bidders have access to a full catalog of surplus equipment. Every unit is listed with details, allowing companies to purchase a big number of varied products all at once, from the same source.

Benefits of selling surplus equipment:

1. Increased cashflow

Who would say no to the opportunity to make more money? Selling off your surplus equipment increases your budget and allows you to put that money elsewhere.

2. Free up space

By getting rid of the equipment you do not need, you can free up space in your facility and use that space only when necessary. You may even be able to decrease rent or utility fees if you are able to offload that space that you no longer use.

3. Promotes sustainability

Instead of leaving your surplus equipment to rot, selling it off perpetuates a cycle of reducing waste and reusing resources. This means it is not just the buyer and seller benefitting, but everyone else.

If you are interested in either purchasing or selling surplus equipment, check out our website and make sure you stay updated of all our latest auctions.

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