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The Beauty of Auctions

October 24, 2019

One of the oldest ways of selling assets is by auction. In fact, this tradition spans centuries and as time goes by, its popularity has further increased. Nowadays, the scope of auctions has expanded to include the work of industrial liquidators, who help companies that are closing down by auctioning off their assets.

Indeed, many people find buying at auctions a lot more beneficial than other channels.

What makes industrial liquidators opt for auctions as a way to help the companies they work with?

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss a few points as to why auctions are so attractive:

Auctions work well in all economic conditions and are very competitive

Auctions remain stable in both good and bad economic times. Even if the economy is in bad position, people still go to auctions because the draw of a sale is too good to pass up. Also, most industrial liquidators encourage buyers to be competitive when it comes to placing their bids, driving the price of goods higher.


Auctions offer an exciting selling atmosphere and requires no negotiations 

The excitement and fun that are inherent in auctions attract groups of people to compete for the assets on sale. This has the effect of making them feel good about spending, on top of the fact that they are getting great prices for items. This method of selling has also been proven to be more efficient because once a buyer places a bid, it is final and there is no need for any negotiations or bargaining.


Auctions require very little cleanup afterwards

Unlike garage sales when hours of cleanup are needed, industrial equipment auctions usually leave no leftover. This is because almost every item at an auction is sold for a specific bid, leaving the industrial liquidators with nothing to pack up aside from some supplies and materials used during the auction.


Auctions will continue to remain popular over the years to come, and industrial liquidators will only be able to innovate even more to benefit the companies they work with. If you want to participate in an industrial auction, check out the Infinity Asset Solutions’ website for updates!

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