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Surplus to the Ongoing Operations - Cascades Lupel, a division of Cascades Canada ULC
Wednesday November 6, 2019
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Closing: Wed. 11/06/2019 10:00 am
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700 Notre-Dame St., Trois Rivieres, QC
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Online Only
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Monday November 4th & Tuesday November 5th, 9AM - 4PM or By Appointment
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Paper Mill
Complete Details Coming Soon!

For any lots with a rigging fee, please contact:

François McNicoll

Cascades CS+ Inc.

Cell : 819-352-0731


Paper Line

• Fan pump: 2250 usgpm

• 155’’ sheet width at wet end on wire

• 152’’ trim at dry end

• C-C of the PM is 168 inch

• 325 ft / min speed on wet end wire

• Open head box

• Foudrinier and vacuum drainage boz in S/S.

• 2 suction presses roll and 1 presses

• On-line gluing press and / or coater (Infrared 2 MW)

• Maximum drying capacity 28,000 lbs / hr

• Boiler 42 000 lbs/h Cleaver Brooks installed in 2016.

• 24 dryers 60’’ 30 psi (non-certified)

• 10 dryers 60’’ 150 psi (certified)

• Calendar stack: 5 nips, 4 x 6000 lbs, 1x 12,000 lbs and 1 x 33000 lbs

• Aquatrol, Calcoil and Scanner Valmet/Metso IQ (reading: bassis weight, thickness and humidity)

• 1800 ft / min on winder Beloit 160’’ wide and can do 60’’ diam. finished roll.

Stock prep:

• 6 M.T/Hour (150 MT/Day) capacity per hour of virgin stock. (Limited by the capacity of pulper.)

15g to 26g/Square Meter is 6 M.T. (2,200lb)/hr (150 M.T./Day)

Vinyl – 10.5 M.T. (250/Day)



MUNCK 10-Ton Cap. Overhead Crane, Double Girder, Top Riding Hoist, 85’ Span, 150’ Ceiling Mounted Runways, Top Riding End Trucks

MUNCK 6-Ton Cap. Overhead Crane, Single Grider, 30’ Span, DEMAG Underslung Hoist, 200’ of Ceiling Mounted Runway

MUNCK 5-Ton Cap. Overhead Crane, Single Girder, Underslung, 20’ Span, 100’ Ceiling Mounted Runways, HBC Radiomatic Wireless Pendant Control

MUNCK (2) x 5-Ton Cap. Overhead Crane, (2) Hoists, Single Girder, 50’ Span, 120’ Runway

DEMAG 10-Ton Overhead Crane System, 60’ Overhead Single Ways c/w Spreader Bar

DEMAG 6-Ton Overhead Crane, 20’ Span, 180’ Ceiling Mounted Runways, Single Girder

Overhead Crane System Consisting of: 20’ Span, 100’ of Runways, Ceiling Mounted, CM 2-Ton Electric Chainfall, Power Crossfeed on Hoist, Manual Travel of Bridge

KONE 1,000kg Cap. Electric Chainfall c/w Trolley & 30’L Wall Mounted Runway


Rolling Stock

JOHN DEERE 544E Wheel Loader, Quick Change System, General Purpose Bucket

CAT GC60K Forklift, 13,500lb Cap., 188” Max Lift, 6,107hrs, 3-Stage Mast, Solid Tires, Side Shift, 1,300MM Pole Attachment & Forks, s/n AT8900941

YALE GLP060 Forklift, 6,000lb Cap., 190” Max Lift, 3-Stage Mast, 7,254hrs, s/n 430324

(2) YALE GLP050 Forklifts, 5,000lb Cap., 194” Max Lift, 3-Stage Mast, 7,734hrs, Side Shift, s/n’s A875B09437X, E177B089865


JOHN DEERE 240 Skid Steer Loader

CAT VC60E Forklift, 3,900kg Cap., 129” Max Lift, 2-Stage Mast, Round Bale Clamp, s/n 9BJ00286

SKYJACK 5278 Electric Scissor Lift, s/n 606336

JOHN DEERE 650 Tractor, Diesel, 3-Point Hitch, 1,768hrs

DOUGLAS FM60SD 3-Point Hitch Finishing Mower, s/n 20294

2009 GM Express All Wheel Drive Enclosed Van, VIN# IGCFH15TX41127964

BARRETT SHG-24 Stand-On Tractor, Electric Powered w/ Powertronic 666 Battery Charger

(2) UNICARRIERS AMERICAS WPXT2W1G80BV Electric Powered Roll Transporter, 8,000lb Cap. w/ Chargers

Asst. Attachments, Buckets, Booms, Plows, etc.


Spare Parts

(100+) Motors up to 500HP, LARGE QTY. of Various Pumps, Pulpers, Blowers, Valves, Actuators, Pulpers, Refiners



LARGE QTY. Asst. MCC’s, Outdoor Transformers, Electrical, Switchgear, Control Stations, Breaker Panels, PLC Cabinets, Gas Circuit Heaters, Wire, etc.


Support Equipment

Air Compressors, Boilers, Stainless Steel Tanks, Machine Tools, Lab Equipment, ROUSSEAU/LISTA Cabinets, Crimpers, Generators, Welders, Threaders, Parts Cribs

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