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Registering on Bidspotter

July 28, 2019

New to the world of online bidding? No worries. We’re here to take you from zero to hero in everything from registering for an industrial machinery auction to making your first bid!


Infinity Assets Solutions uses when it comes to our industrial machinery auctions.



Learning the basics of Bidspotter and how to effectively navigate around the site would become essential for first-time bidders in the auction process. Today we’ll spell it out step-by-step, so you can begin to cultivate an understanding as to how a Bidspotter online auction works!


Step 1: Register for an Account on Bidspotter


The process begins by registering for a Bidspotter account. There is a “Register” button located on the Bidspotter home page that upon completion will send you a verification email to confirm your details. Once you’ve registered you’ll be able to use the Bidspotter dashboard and create Auction Alerts, monitor your Watch List, sign up for an auction, and browse additional inventory.


Step 2: Sign Up for a Bidspotter Auction


Now that you’ve registered an account on Bidspotter, you’ll now be able to sign up for the industrial machinery auction you’re looking to bid in. Every auction will have differing terms and conditions which is why you must sign up for every auction you’re interested in.

Each auction will require that you agree to the terms and conditions, provide your credit card information, phone number, and address. Once you’ve been approved as a bidder for the auction, you will be able to bid on the lots in the allotted bidding time period of the auction.


Step 3: Differentiate Between Auction Types


Bidspotter offers 4 different ways for you to bid on our industrial machinery auctions:

  • Live – as its name probably suggests, live auctions are the traditional auctions broadcasted by the site. They are held at a specified location, and you can bid either online in real time or in person.
  • Timed – timed online auctions occur without the presence of the auctioneer introducing the sale. Each lot is bid on during a pre-determined time period. The bidder with the highest bid wins the lot.
  • Catalog Only – the catalog is a listing of all up and coming auctions to be featured on Bidspotter, but are hosted on the auctioneer’s site
  • Tender: a tender auction allows bidders to submit a sealed bid for an asset on a pre-determined date. Other bidders are unaware of the prices that competitors are bidding at. The most favourable bid wins.


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