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Productive Uses for Surplus Equipment

November 25, 2020

At first, all surplus equipment owners feel like they've made poor investment choices. Initially, it may seem like a poor decision to purchase more than you need, but there are ways that you can still capitalize on your purchases.


Here are four productive ways you can utilize surplus equipment:


Store It for Backup or As A Source of Repair Parts

Even with well-maintained high-tier equipment, unexpected breakdowns can happen. In doing so, it will throw off deadlines. With surplus machines, you can use another to keep you afloat until you can find a suitable replacement. In addition, businesses frequently try to obtain equipment at auctions in order to source parts from them. They may be using old equipment that are no longer being sold or serviced, and as such look to auctions to get their hands on these parts.



Surplus equipment can't last forever. In most cases, their lack of use in storage incapacitates them. Dried and locked-up joints and components due to lack of lubrication is common. However, top-notch equipment can be recycled for tungsten, which fetches a good price on the market. 


Restore and Appraise It for Auction

Appraisers can refer you to equipment restoration teams, which can restore your equipment and bring them back to full functionality. Truthfully, restorers are only useful if you're restoring a high-quality machine from a reputed brand. Appraisers can then attest to the machine’s performance, allowing you to sell it.


Sell Your Entire Set Wholesale with Dependable Auctioneers

Dependable industrial auctioning companies, such as Infinity Asset Solutions, will make it easy to sell your entire surplus set wholesale. Furthermore, we'll take care of the entire restoration, appraisal, and auctioning process for you too.


Maximise Your Selling Profits with the Best Industrial Auctioneers

You won't need to look far to find dependable auctioneers that will cater to your every need and maximise results. Contact us at Infinity Asset Solutions today to learn more about our services.

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