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Prepping Your Industrial Equipment for Auction

May 01, 2019

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current asset fleet, or are simply looking to liquidate – industrial equipment auctions are a great way to reclaim value on previously held assets. Preparing your equipment before the auction date is essential for ensuring that your equipment shows well. The benefit of having equipment show well is that it can promote bidding from prospective buyers.  There are a number of ways in which you can prepare your equipment for auction.


Today we’ll discuss the ways in which you can prepare your equipment for industrial equipment auctions.


Categorizing Equipment


If you’re looking to auction off a large fleet of equipment, start by categorizing your equipment in accordance to how they may sell. One example is pairing equipment that typically function together – prospective buyers will likely need both pieces of equipment to complete their daily business operations as well.


Conducting Repairs


Conduct an operational inspection on all of your equipment. For equipment items that require repairs, ask yourself if the scope of the repair job is equal to or more than expected reclaimed value. If so – it may be just to sell the auction item as is. At the same time, conducting minor repairs may be worth it in the long run to ensuring success during and directly after the bidding process.


Administrative Work


If you haven’t been as organized as you could be when it comes to maintaining the paperwork that comes with your equipment – it is now important to start. Back your equipment’s operational ability with amazing upkeep and track records. This allows for a level of transparency between you and prospective bidders, which also serves to cultivate a level of trust.


Leave it to the Professionals


If the prep work that goes into industrial equipment auctions seems difficult, then leave it to experienced auctioneers. Infinity Asset Solutions is fully capable of streamlining the prep work that goes into the auction process. From start to finish, Infinity Assets will conduct a plan on how to maximize reclaimed value on your equipment assets. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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