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Niigon Machines Ltd.: Auction Lot

November 24, 2021

Infinity Asset Solutions will be conducting a 3-Day Online Auction of Niigon Machines Ltd., a Global Leader in Customized Injection Molding Machines as Authorized By The Receiver A. Farber & Partners Inc.

Featured Equipment from this State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility include:

  • (9) NEW & DEMO PET, CUBE, LIGHTS OUT Injection Molding Machines
  • Paint Spray & Wash Booths
  • Clean Room
  • Resin Drying & Handling
  • Chillers
  • Vac Systems
  • Electrical Testing
  • Plant Support

New & Demo Injection Molding Machines

2019 NIIGON NPET 300 P120 E120 Lights Out Horizontal To Stage Injection Molding Machine, 337 Ton Capacity s/n 1089, 825mm x 825mm Tie Bar Spacing w/ Automatic Mold Height Adjustment, 1500mm Clamp Daylight w/ 450 to 825mm Shut Height, Mold Break Force of 300 kN w/ up to 30mm Stroke, 120mm 25:1 PET Screw, 5,930g/13.2lb PET Max Shot Size, 5,259cc Volumetric Shot Size, Max Throughput 960kg/hr, Standard Hydraulic Ejector w/ 250mm Stroke at 95 kN at 700mm/s, 40mm Boost Stroke at 645 kN (NEW COST $650K USD)

2019 NIIGON NPET 150LL Cube Horizontal Injection Molding Machine, s/n 1066, 560mm x 560mm Tie Bar Spacing w/ Automatic Mold Height Adjustment, Cube Configuration: Max 2000mm, Min 1000mm, Mold Height Per Mold: Max 590mm, Min 340mm, Single Face Configuration: Daylight: Max 2000mm, Mold Height: Max 700mm, Min 450mm, Mold Break Force of 150 kN w/ Up to 24mm Stroke, Primary Injector Unit RS36/36: 36mm 25:1 PET Screw, 167g PET Max Shot Size, 147cc Volumetric Shot Size, Rotary Cube Mold Carrier, 555mm Table Dia., 130mm Locating Hub Dia., Max Mold Weight of 650kg Per Side, 150 PET Tombstone, Hydraulic Ejector Per Side w/ 100mm Stroke at 40 kN at 700mm/s, 25mm Boost Stroke at 240 kN (NEW COST $580K USD)

2016 NIIGON APET 150 RS 42/36 Horizontal Injection Molding Machine, 170 Ton Capacity, 5.5 oz Shot Size s/n 1019, 560mm x 560mm Tie Bar Spacing, 1350mm Clamp Daylight w/ 450 to 700mm Shut Height, Mold Break Force of 150 kN w/ up to 24mm Stroke, Primary Screw & Barrel 36mm 25:1 Screw PET, Secondary Screw & Barrel 50mm 21:1:1 Screw PET (NEW COST $220K USD)

2017 NIIGON A150 RS 50/50 HS Horizontal Dual Mold Injection Molding Machine, 170 Ton Capacity, 12.5 oz Shot Size s/n 1059, 560mm x 560mm Tie Bar Spacing, 1350mm Clamp Daylight w/ 250 to 70mm Shut Height, 42mm Screw Dia., 25:1 L/D (NEW COST $140K USD)

2015 NIIGON A150RS 42/42 Horizontal Injection Molding Machine, 170 Ton Capacity, 7.4 oz Shot Size s/n 1016, Clamp 1350mm Daylight w/ 700mm Max Shut Height, 42mm 20:1 General Purpose Screw and Barrel (NEW COST $100K USD)

2014 NIIGON A150RS 42/42 Horizontal Injection Molding Machine, 170 Ton Capacity, 7.4 oz Shot Size s/n 1013, 42mm 25:1 GP Quick Change 42/42 Barrel Screw, 560mm x 560mm Tie Bar Spacing, 1000mm Clamp Daylight

2012 NIIGON A150 Horizontal Injection Molding Machine, 170 Ton Capacity, s/n 1003, 560mm x 560mm Tie Bar Spacing, 1000mm Clamp Daylight, Hydraulic Mold Height Adjustment

NIIGON Prototype Horizontal Injection Molding Machine, s/n 1099, 300mm x 300mm tie bar spacing, 600mm Clamp Daylight

2015 NIIGON Rotary Table Platen Prototype Test Machine, s/n 912, 1000mm Platen, Automation Technology Controller


Clean Room

2019 Clean Room w/ AMAIRCARE Air Wash Unit, (2) RITE-HITE LITESPEED CLEANROOM Rollup Doors w/ Automated Locking, s/n 121714, etc. (COST OVER $900K)


Resin Drying & Handling

CONAIR Dryer System #5, CONAIR W2400 Dryer Unit, s/n 304335, TouchView Control, ABB Drive, CONAIR 142218L4701900 Hopper/Holding Unit, CONAIR Loader, Dryer Capacity Level Control, CONAIR CGT-500 Gastrac Process Air Heater, s/n 303780, Natural Gas, 500,000 BTH/Hr Max, GasTrac Control

CONAIR Dryer System #1, CONAIR W1300 Dryer Unit, s/n 304080, TouchView Control, ABB Drive, CONAIR 142218L470P100 Hopper/Holding Unit w/ Support Structure, s/n 305149, Dryer Capacity Level Control, CONAIR Loader, CONAIR Gastrac Process Air Heater Model CGT-350, s/n 303781, Natural Gas, 350,000 BTH/Hr Max, CONAIR GasTrac Control

CONAIR Dryer System #1 (Small), CONAIR 142184 Dryer Unit, s/n 254418, ABB Drive, TouchView Control, Carousel Plus, CONAIR CH39 Hopper w/ Support Structure, s/n 254347, CONAIR Loader, CONAIR HTC15 Drying Hopper Temperature Control, s/n 254438

(4) CONAIR Hopper/Holding Units w/ CONAIR Loaders & Mezzanine Structure

CONAIR RSS 30-Station Resin Selection Station, s/n 306832

CONAIR 16-Station Resin Selection Station

MICRO INTERFACE DESIGN MIDEXX-3D Liquid Colour Additive Feeder, s/n 52103

(3) CONAIR DL Loaders, s/n’s 303800, 264954, 265980

CONAIR DL Hopper/Loader

CONAIR Bulk Hopper Storage Unit, Bottom Loading

(2) CONAIR 29-900 Pneumatic Gaylord Tilters, s/n’s E101510105-1, E101510105-2

IMCS J1001802-1 HYDRA-DUMP Hydraulic Gaylord Lifter, 2,500lb Cap., 65” Dump Height, 52”W Bucket, s/n 1001802

CONAIR Hydraulic Gaylord Lifter, 2,500lb Cap.

CONAIR CHS-819 Granulator, 15HP

2015 YUDO Resin Drying & Handling System Consisting of: YUDO DAKA-T300P Dryer, s/n 201508-Y2602, YUDO AM5-FU-3-60I Suction Unit, s/n 201511-Y0603, YUDO HED-200I Hopper, s/n 201511-Y0601, YUDO HECA-5RS Receiver, s/n 201511-Y0605, YUDO HED-50I Hopper, s/n 201511-Y0602


Material Handling & Rolling Stock

2016 RAYMOND 750-R45TT Electric Reach Truck, 4,500lb Cap., 348” Max Lift, 36V, s/n 750-16-AC52407

2015 RAYMOND 425-C40TT Electric Standup Forklift, 4,000lb Cap., 251” Max Lift, 36V, s/n 425-15-47573

YALE ERC120HHN48TE092 Electric Forklift, 11,450lb Cap., 185” Max Lift, 3-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Digital Microprocessor Weigh Scale Model WP9202, Backup Safety Lights, Cushion Tires, 48V, s/n C839N02756K

2014 SKYJACK SJ4632 Electric Scissor Lift, 32’ Drive Height & Platform Height, 700lb Cap., 24V, s/n 70017726

2015 RAYMOND 8210 Electric Pallet Jack, s/n 821-15-10456, 24V, 4,500lb Cap. c/w Charger

2010 FORD F-350 Lariat Super Duty Pickup Truck, V8 Power Stoke Diesel Engine Approx. 145,000kms, VIN# 3BB8AEA54489

TENNANT 7200 Ride-on Floor Cleaner, s/n 7200-8740, 36V, Approx. 3,639hrs

DYNACON 24VS47060R Conveyor System

2014 MB CONVEYORS N-CPR EASY-LINE Light Conveyor System, s/n B43371


Chiller Systems

BERG PT-644-2(20)1(1B) Glycol Tank Set c/w Free Cooling HX, s/n W02980N-BC1-0915

BERG PT-644-2(15)1(B)-HX Process Water Tank, s/n W02980P-BB10915

BERG CT-846-2(15)1(B)X2(7.5)1(B) Chiller Tank, s/n W02980M-BD1-0915

BERG WCQ-120-2/2-X Central W/C Chiller, s/n W02980A-AH1-0915, 120HP

BERG BTC-1(15) Portable Temperature Control Unit Pet Mold Cooling, TCU1, #1089, s/n W02980H-KC1-0915

BERG BTC-1(15) Portable Temperature Control Unit Pet Mold Cooling, TCU5, s/n S03185A-KC1-0317

BERG BTC-1(15) Portable Temperature Control Unit Pet Mold Cooling, TCU2, s/n W02980I-KC1-0915

BERG BTC-CS-1(15) Portable Temperature Control Unit, TCU6, s/n S03438A-KC1-0119

BERG BTC-1(7.5) Portable Temperature Control Unit GP Mold Cooling, TCU3, s/n W02980J-KC1-0915

THERMAL CARE TCR60 60-Ton Chiller, s/n 17138011201 w/ Roof Mounted Condenser

Chiller Water Tank / Pump Deck, (1) 50HP, (1) 25HP, (1) 10HP

2013 EISBAR DAS E5 B11 Portable Cooling Unit, Siemens Simatic Panel Control, s/n V43161-01-3613

CONAIR ECW10 Chiller Unit, EarthSmart Chiller SX, s/n 233935


Air Management Systems

CONAIR Vacuum System w/ (6) CONAIR PD Vacuum Pumps, s/n's 304886, 304885, 304884, 304888, 304887, 304889 w/ (6) CONAIR Outerwear Pre-Filter Units

CONAIR EQP2CNV Vacuum Pump, s/n 306670, 25HP w/ Leeson CONAIR Filter Unit

(3) CONAIR PD Vacuum Pumps w/ (3) CONAIR Filter Units

2018 BUSCH Mink MM 1142 BV Vacuum Pump w/ Controls, Approx. 10,469hrs & 17,039hrs & .76hrs

2015 BUSCH High Vac Pump System w/ Controls, (2) BUSCH Mink MM 1142 BV Vacuum Pumps, Approx. 4,783hrs, 5,026hrs & 523hrs, Holding Tank 


Plant Support & Maintenance

PLUS: LISTA & ROUSSEAU Mint Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets, METRO Racks, Electrical, Portable Toolboxes, Power & Hand Tools, General Machine Shop Equipment, Testers, Soldering Units, Label Printers, Lift Carts, Pallet Jacks, Racking, Shop Vacs, Ladders, Parts Storage Cabinets, Vacuum Pumps, Transformers, GREENLEE Job Box, Electric Battery Chargers, Dock Plates, Strapping Carts, Platform Scales, Fireproof Cabinets, Crane Lifting Attachments, Granite Surface Plates, Precision Measuring Instruments and Much More 

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