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STANKO 1A670 83" X 492" Heavy Duty Roll Lathe, 1A670 Manual, 135 HP, 60 Ton Wt Cap, (2) Carriages, 4-Way Bed, Carriages Pass Tailstocks & Steady Rests, Maximum Swing 83.44", Maxmimum Swing, Rated 78.75", Maximum Swing Over Cross Slide 63", Distance Between Centers 492.12", Width of Bed 88", Spindle Bore 4.73", Spindle Speeds, Variable .96-120 RPM, Spindle Speeds Range 3, Max Spindle Torque 96,000lb/ft, Max Cutting Force 28,000lb, Range of Carriage Long Feeds .001-1.67 in./rev., Ratio of Long to Cross Feed 2.5:1, Length of Tapers 67", Tailstock Quill Diameter 15.75", Tailstock Quill Travel 15.75", Floor Space L x W 820" x 170", Overall Height 113", Machine Weight 253,000lbs, Equipped With: 78.75" Diameter Face Plate Type Chuck, (4) Face Plate Chuck Jaws, (2) Carriages, Power Tailstock Travel, Power Quill Travel, (2) Steady Rests, Load Meter on Tailsock, 6-Way Power Rapid Traverse, 4-Way Toolpost, Coolant System, Power Tailstock, 135HP Main Spindle Motor, 460/3/60 Power Supply

KITCHEN & WADE 96" x 96" Infeeding Rotary Table, Infeeding, Pendant Control, Table Infeed 72", Table Weight Capacity 44,800lbs, Rotation Rapid Traverse 1 RPM, Linear Feeds 100 IPM, Overall Table Height 43.5", Overall Width 139", Circular Milling Feeds 0.00028-.97 IPR, Circular Rotation Feeds Inf. Variable, Equipped With: 10HP Table & Slide Motors, Manual Clamping, Automatic Lubrication System 

ASQUITH FB 6" Manual Floor Type Boring Mill, 4FB, with Rotary Table, Infeed Rotary Table With Milling Feeds, Heavy Duty Facing Head, Heavy Duty Right Angle Head, Spindle Diameter 6", Spindle Taper #50, Headstock Vertical Travel Y-Axis 96", Column Travel, X-Axis 240", Spindle Travel, Z-Axis 60", Spindle Speeds, Infinity Variable 1.5-600 RPM, Facing Head Speeds 0.5-215 RPM, Spindle Feeds 0.004-200 IPR, Facing Head Feeds 0.004-2 IPR, Feds, X & Y Axes Inf. Variable, Rapid Traverse 150 IPM, Approximate Overall Height 236", Floor Space 180" x 408", Equipped With: Full Pendant Controls, 3-Axis Fagor DRO, 32" Diameter Facing Head 50" Capacity, Right Angle Head With 48" Reach, Infeeding Power Rotary Table, Rotary Table Circular Milling Feeds, Thread Cutting Attachment With Change Gears, Hydrostatic Lubrication, Way Covers, 30HP Spindle Drive Motor

STANKO 157" Vertical Boring Mill, KY514F1 1998, 125 HP, AB PLC, Installed As New Machine 1998, (2) Swiveling Rams, 157.48" DIameter Table With (4) Faceplate Jaws, Full Pendant Controls with DRO, Allen Bradley Panel View 600 PLC Controls, Milling Attachment, Taper Turning Attachment, Tracer Attachment, 125HP Table Motor, Table Diameter 157.48", Maximum Swing 165.35", Maximum Height Under Rail 108.26", Ram Stroke 70.86", Ram Swivel -15/+40, Table Speeds .37/-34 RPM, Table Weight Capacity 220,450lbs, Electric 460/3/60 Cycle, Manuals                          

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