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Machinery Auctions: Benefitting Sellers AND Buyers

April 02, 2019

If you find yourself with a surplus of industrial equipment or are looking to simply downsize – cutting costs are imperative to maintaining the longevity of your business. Opting to sell your equipment in a machinery auction may be the answer to cutting costs or simply reclaiming cash for excess equipment.

Likewise – if you’ve just opened shop and are looking to outfit your operation with the necessary equipment, finding suitable pieces at a discounted price may seem difficult. Sellers looking to reclaim value for their equipment are looking for buyers willing to purchase. Luckily industrial auctions are a great way to get functional equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new.


Today we’ll discuss how machinery auctions benefit both parties involved in the transaction process of purchasing equipment.


A Solution for Both Parties

  • As mentioned above, auctions are the perfect solution for both sellers and buyers
  • Sellers are looking to reclaim cash value for their used assets. Buyers are looking to purchase assets for their shops at a discounted price.
  • Sellers already understand they most likely will not be able to get the full value of what they paid for their equipment as industrial equipment depreciates over time (much like that of a vehicle). However, getting some value back for their equipment is better than not getting anything back at all.
  • The benefit for sellers comes from potential competition among buyers who bid on the equipment – allowing for the item to be sold for more than its appraised value
  • Buyers are able to effectively capitalize on the depreciating value of equipment at auctions – allowing them to purchase equipment for a significantly lower cost than purchasing at retail

Proven Track Record for Success

  • The auction process involves the appraisal of the seller’s assets (everything piece of equipment that will be sold at the auction)
  • Reputable auctioneers should know what factors such as market price, and how depreciation will determine the value of an item
  • Accurate appraisals will equalize the playing field for both sellers and buyers, ensuring equal opportunity for both parties from a neutral third-party

Opting for a Reputable Auctioneer

Infinity Asset Solutions offers years of experience in assisting companies with reclaiming value for their used equipment. We host a range of machinery auctions from a diverse number of industries, and are able to effectively appraise the value of your equipment. Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can best help you make the most of your assets.


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