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Industrial Auctions: 4 Solid Reasons They Have Good Value

December 11, 2020

If you have surplus equipment, there's always a market out there for businesses with similar needs that will gladly purchase your equipment.


In fact, buying used or previously owned machinery and equipment is on the rise as businesses are seeking out ways to upgrade operations on a budget. This is where participating in an industrial auction comes in. Here are four convincing reasons you can turn a profit with pre-owned machines.

A Renowned Manufacturer Made Them

If a restorer confirms a brand-name used industrial equipment can return to 100-95% of its original capability, many buyers will give you competitive prices to own it. Truthfully, we've seen many businesses aim for machine restorations and keep them as a spare or main workhorse because of the manufacturer's top-brand performance.

Less Than Ten Years of Age

Any used industrial equipment that hasn't gone past their ten-year-old threshold will have many buyers interested. Most machines will show their faults if their age goes beyond ten years. Don't hesitate to post your equipment's characteristics through an industrial auction for online buyers to see. You'll be surprised by the number of inquiries you might receive.

Previous Owner Used Them Properly

Use and daily operational routines concern many buyers despite the notable manufacturer and functionality of your machine. If you've used it "by the book" and never strayed from its intended use, many buyers are highly likely to compete to buy your machine at an industrial auction.

Restorers Can Restore 80-95% Original Capabilities

Maintenance specialists who have access to manufacturer-supplied spare parts and components can restore the majority of equipment to full functionality. Suppose your equipment's manufacturer still supplies its spare parts. Then, restorers can confirm that your machine can have more than 80-95% of its functionality restored.

Find The Best Used Industrial Equipment in Our Auctions

You can always count on Infinity Asset Solutions to provide you with the most dependable set of professional appraisers, restorers, and auctioneers to give excellent, high-value services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with either selling or buying industrial equipment through an auction. 


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