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How to Maximize Your Participation in Auctions

December 03, 2020

Purchasing used industrial equipment can greatly benefit your business. With the market for used equipment increasing there are still many who are skeptical about it. This is primarily because of some risks that are connected with buying used goods in general. However, there’s a considerable amount of time and effort put into inspecting the equipment, so at the end of it all you recieve an amazing deal waiting to be unfolded in every industrial or commercial machinery auction. Among all the significant factors when considering buying used machinery, the main concern is the piece of equipment itself. So what are some things you need to keep in mind while participating in an auction?


First is ensuring that the auctioneer is authorized to sell any and all used industrial equipment you need to purchase. The company’s representatives must be able to furnish or show you any necessary documentation about the equipment.


This is very crucial for the part of the buyer, making sure that the seller indeed owns the equipment and has accurate information about the machine’s condition.


Another critical thing to consider is performing a full and thorough inspection of the machine before making a bid on it. Don’t miss inspecting it first by checking both the internal and the exterior parts of the equipment. 


Always remember that photos may not be able to show the real condition of the machine, especially if it is a used industrial equipment. Hence, make sure that you inspect it physically. With an increase in virtual auctions, videos that can give you a better idea of the machinery would work too. Finally, never forget to guarantee that your payment is well documented by receiving a paper trail or proof of payment after you purchased the machinery. Though it rarely happens, there might be some issues occurring after the product has been fully delivered. This is to ensure that your purchase is delivered to you as agreed. 


If you’re interested in purchasing used machinery for your business, Infinity Asset has over 85 years of industry experience procuring the best value for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about upcoming auctions and how you can participate!


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