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Equipment Appraisals FAQs

June 19, 2019

Ever wonder what your equipment assets are worth?

When it comes to determining the worth of your equipment, book value is seldom noted for accuracy. In reality, multiple factors contribute in determining the value of your equipment. If you’re opting for an equipment appraisal, Infinity Assets is the qualified appraiser you’re looking for. We’re with you from beginning to end. We get it – there isn’t a textbook on how to price your assets, but that's why we're capable of allowing you to reclaim value for your equipment.


Here’s what to expect during the equipment appraisals process:


Why do I need an appraisal?

  • This question will largely depend on the individual or company
  • Most common answers include business valuations, mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy, insolvency, insurance, partnership dissolutions, and property taxes
  • An experienced appraiser offers the expertise, knowledge, and training to properly value your equipment


What is the duration of this process?

  • When it comes to the amount of time required to value all your equipment assets, the real finish ETA depends
  • One obvious factor is the sheet scope of your equipment. Some companies own factories of equipment needing to be valued. Some companies have a dozen equipment items.
  • Other factors that can affect total duration include level of value, equipment type, and length of appraisal report


What procedural actions are part of this process?

  • The appraiser will assess all equipment by taking down relevant information in order to provide an accurate value estimate
  • Relevant information pertinent to determining value include make, model, serial number, overall condition, and status of upgrades
  • Once everything is properly documented, the appraiser will establish a value and complete certified report for all assets in question


Looking for Qualified Equipment Appraisers?

Infinity Asset Solutions conducts thorough appraisals for your business fleet. Whatever the reason, Infinity Assets maintains a higher standard of excellence and customer service when ensuring you reclaim value for your initial investments. For all your equipment appraisal needs call us today!

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