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Disposing of Your Surplus Equipment Properly

May 19, 2020

Businesses that have been operating for decades often accumulate an inventory of surplus equipment. At some point, it becomes advantageous to get rid of this equipment, for reasons including freeing up floor space and inventory as well as earning extra money from the sales. Normally, a business ends up having surplus equipment because they’ve changed something about their production process and now use different processes to manufacture their products. The money earned from selling these equipment can help you reinvest in your business so you can purchase the machinery you actually need.


One of the best ways to properly dispose of your surplus equipment is through auctions.


It helps to manage your machinery properly, maintaining them and cleaning them regularly so that one day they may be fit to be sold at auctions once you no longer need them anymore. Even if you don’t currently have any equipment you want to sell, you can still prepare yourself by observing these steps:


#1. Survey some local auctions

Witnessing an actual auction will help you know what really happens during the bid and the entire process. It will not only give you some idea of the kind of equipment that sells, but also the kind of condition or quality buyers are looking for as well as the average prices machines can fetch, depending on the state of their use.


#2. Keep your equipment in good condition

From the beginning, you should be keeping your machines in as good of a shape as they can be in so that when the times comes, they are more ready to be sold at an auction. Make sure you keep proper records of all the relevant information about your equipment so that buyers will be more likely to purchase your machine.


#3. Find a good appraiser

Before the auction begins, professional appraisers are used to determine the value of the items being sold. At Infinity Asset Solutions, not only can we help you auction off your equipment, we can give you the best all-in-one service as we also provide appraising services. Finding a good appraiser is the foremost step when it comes to auctioning, so you will need to start with this step once you are ready.


Make sure to get in touch with Infinity Asset Solutions if you have surplus equipment lying around. We can give help you every step of the way from appraisal to auction. Contact us today!

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