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BidSpotter Buyer FAQ

May 14, 2019

Infinity Asset Solutions uses BidSpotter to host traditional room-based auctions online. Bidders are able to enter the auction with live audio and video feeds relaying auction atmosphere in real time. The number one benefit of hosting industrial machinery auctions online is convenience. Auctions are open 24/7 (until closing time and date), and are accessible from the comfort of your own home. Entering an auction hosted by Infinity Assets through BidSpotter may seem intimidating – but we’re here to make the process as seamless as possible.


Today we’ll discuss a few BidSpotter Buyer FAQ before you participate in your first online industrial machinery auction


Is there a registration process involved before I can participate in an online auction?


Yes. You must register for an account in order to sign up for an auction on Make an account on the BidSpotter website by sharing basic information, and verify your account via verification email. Once you’ve verified your account you are able to use BidSpotter auction alerts, create watch lists, sign up for auctions, and browse relevant inventory.


I found an auction I want to bid in. What next?


Once you’ve created your account and you’ve sifted through the various industrial machinery auctions on BidSpotter – the next step is to sign up for an auction. Each auction will have differing terms and conditions. You must agree to the auctioneer terms and conditions, and provide an address with a credit card or phone number.


What are common terms used on BidSpotter?


  • Auction Alerts – based on your interests, you will receive auction alerts in your email based on specific keywords and items you’re looking for
  • Watch List – keep tabs on assets by adding them to your watch list
  • Inquire About This Lot – you can send questions directly to the auctioneer requesting for additional details
  • Featured Lots – these lots showcase the highlights from a particular auction. They have been chosen by the auctioneer as premier auction items.
  • Premier Auctioneers Directory – BidSpotter acknowledges auctioneers who are members of reputable auctioneer associations in North America. Infinity Asset Solutions is recognized under this directory.


How do I make a bid?


BidSpotter simplifies the bidding process. Bidding in live auctions can take place online or onsite, allowing prospective buyers to bid in real time while the auction is run by the auctioneer. Both live bidding and absentee bidding are conducted through BidSpotter’s GAP Live – an additional window in which you can bid in from the BidSpotter site. That way you won’t miss out on the excitement of the bidding process, even if you can’t be in front of your computer or onsite during the duration of the timed auction.






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