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Basic Definition And Types of Plant Machinery

March 23, 2023

In the world of auctions, there are several different classifications, including commercial, industrial and plant auctions. The latter usually refers to an auction wherein plant machinery is sold off to the highest bidder. However, there is plenty of confusion around the term “plant machinery” itself. If you’d like to learn more about the definition of plant machinery as well as the most common equipment that falls under this umbrella term, read on. 

What Is Plant Machinery?

In essence, plant machinery can be broadly defined as any type of heavy industrial equipment that is used for different purposes, mostly in construction. However, the term is also used interchangeably with heavy-duty equipment and industrial apparatus. Although there is no clear definition of the term, it is believed that the term was coined due to the stationary nature of these machines, as these types of equipment generally weigh several tonnes and are essentially planted in one spot. 

With a better understanding of the nomenclature, here are the 3 most common industrial equipment that is classified as plant machinery.

Excavation Machines

As the name suggests, these are massive construction equipment that is used to excavate and dig the ground for a wide variety of purposes such as laying foundations, removing debris, facilitating extractions and more. Some machines can both dig and remove earth simultaneously whereas others are suitable for only one task. Ultimately, they are fundamental in carrying out most construction projects.


In many construction projects, the massive amount of earth and debris dug by excavation machines also needs to be transported to a different location. To achieve this without significant use of manual labour, movers are used, which can scoop and transport large loads effectively. 

Lifting Machines

While movers remove loads from one location to another on a ground level, lifting machines perform similar tasks, but on a vertical plane. Equipment like cranes is the best example of lifting machines, as they can effectively transport heavy construction materials like beams on a construction site. 

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