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Auction Lot: Day 1 & Day 2 - Cutler Forest Products Inc.

November 08, 2022

Infinity Asset Solutions will be conducting a 2-Day Online Auction for the Assets of Cutler Forest Products Inc., a 210,000 Square Foot State-Of-The-Art Cabinet Manufacturing Facility closing on Wednesday, November 16th & Thursday, November 17th, 2022. 

Featured Equipment includes:

High-Capacity Storage Retrieval & Angular Saw System (New Cost Replacement Over $2.5MM)


2015 HOMAG High-Capacity Storage Retrieval System, Saw, Chopper and Stackers Consisting of:


  • 2015 HOMAG Profi TLF411/40/11 Storage Retrieval System, s/n 0-286-05-9406 w/ Overhead Crane, Approx. 40’ Span x 112' Runway, Stack Lifter, Light Curtains, Conveyor Sheet Feeder

  • 2015 HOLZMA HKL400/43/22/X Angular CNC Panel Saw w/ Pressure Beam, s/n 0-241-02-4631, 

  • 2015 HOLZMA HRZ540 Multi-Saw, s/n 0-249-02-7632 w/ Incline Waste Conveyor, Hydraulic Power Supply, (4) 2015 HOLZMA Liftomat HAU A 25/12 Sheet Stackers, s/n’s 0-244-02-4853, 0-244-02-4854, 0-244-02-4633, 0-244-02-4634


Panel & Wood Saws


2008 SELCO WNA 600 SLC CNC Angular Panel Saw, s/n 33228 w/ SELCO Control Panel, 100" Opening, Safety Fencing/Guarding, lnfeed Conveyor, Stack Conveyor, Stack Lifter


2002 SELCO WNT 600 Rear Load Automatic Panel Saw, Main & Scoring Saw, Air Table, 13'-11" x 14'-7" Capacity Auto Loading w/ Stack Conveyor Feeder to Stack Lifter, Rear Load Sheet Feeder, s/n 22282


2001 ALTENDORF F45 ELMO CE CNC Sliding Table Saw, s/n 01-07-014, w/ ALTENDORF Control Panel


SCM SI15F Sliding Table Saw, w/ 2005 4-Roll Material Power Feeder


SCM Sl15F Sliding Table Saw, s/n AB 10726 w/ 4-Roll Material Power Feeder


LOBO Up-Acting Cut-Off Saw w/ In/Outfeed Conveyors, Pistorius Screen Control, Automatic Measuring Stop


CENTAURO 800 CO Vertical Bandsaw, s/n 7019 w/ Material Guide, 30" Throat


GENERAL 90-460M3 Vertical Bandsaw, s/n 91784710 w/ Material Guide, 22'" Throat


Double Mitre Saw


DEWALT 36" Radial Arm Saw


OMEGA Radial Arm Saw


Robotic Palletizing / Label System


2015 KUKA KR 120 R3200 PA 5-Axis Robotic Palletizing / Label System, 120KG Load Capacity, 3195mm 

Max Reach, s/n 676442, KUKA Controller, Pneumatic Lifting Device, Light Curtains, WEBER 5300 R.H. 

DOM Label Printer/Applicator, s/n W53002243, Busch MNK MM 1104BV Vacuum Pump


CNC Machining - Drilling & Routers


2020 HOMAG Centateq N-300 Nested-Based CNC Machining Center / Router, 5' X 10' Table, 10 kW (13.4 HP) Router Spindle, 1,250 - 24,000RPM Spindle Speed, 7-Station Tool Holder, s/n 0-250-69-0859 w/ HOMAG Control Panel, Light Curtains


(3) 2021 HUAHUA SKH-612HS 6-Side CNC Machining & Processing Centers, Horizontal & Vertical Drilling, 1200mm Max Workpiece Width, 5000mm Max Workpiece Length, 48mm Max Workpiece Thickness, 21” Colour Screen Control Display, Precision Drilling Box, Double Clamping and Feeding, Servo Motor, Flexible Discharge, Roller Assist Transfer Table, Automatic Oil Injection, s/n’s ZL01434, 

(Note: (2) New in Crate – Never Installed)


2010 WEEKE BHX 050 Vertical CNC Machining Center, s/n 0-250-66-6690


2007 WEEKE Optimat BHX 500 CNC Machining & Processing Center, Air Table, Auto Clamp Feed, s/n 0-250-66-4386


2004 WEEKE Optimat BST 500 CNC Through-Feed Drilling & Boring Machine, 2500 mm Opening, (6) Bottom Vertical Boring Units, s/n 0-251-66-2008, CNC Control, Feed Through, Vertical and Horizontal Boring


2006 KOMO VR510 Machi II CNC Router, 60" x 120" Vacuum table, 16HP ATC Variable Speed Spindle, 10-Station Tool Holder, s/n 57184-06, 3 Phase, 480V w/ KOMO MHS Automated Loader/Unloader & Outfeed Table, GE Fanuc Panel i CNC Controller


2019 BIESSE Rover Gold 1232 Compact CNC Machining Center / Router, s/n 1000031662, BH 26 Boring Head, (16) Vertical Spindles, (8) Horizontal Spindles, Saw Blades in Both X & Y Revolving Tool Changer, 16-Positions, 3280 x 1260 x 180 mm Working Area, CNC Control Panel, Benq Display, B_Solid 3D Cad Cam Software


2003 BIESSE Rover 35L CNC Machining Center / Router, Travels: X-4500mm Y-1650mm Z-180mm, 21-Position Tool Holder, s/n 28980 w/ (2) Vacuum Pumps, CHAMPION Air Compressor,


2000 BIESSE Rover 27 CNC Machining / Boring / Routing Center, (20) Vertical & (8) Horizontal Heads, Travels: X-3434mm, Y-1300mm, Z-155mm, CNC Control Panel, s/n 03236


BIESSE Rover 321R CNC Machining Center / Router, Travels: X-107″ (2,740 mm), Y-36.9″ (937 mm), Z-2.4″ (60 mm), Boring - 2.3 HP (2 kW), 4,000 RPM Motor, (13) Vertical Spindles w/ (8) X-Axis & (5) Y-Axis, Horizontal Spindles w/ (2+2) in X-Axis & (1+1) in Y-Axis, 2.36″ (60 mm) Max. Boring Depth, Machining - 9 HP (7.5 kW) w/ Variable Speed From 1,000 – 24,000RPM, 7-Position ATC, s/n 91988, CNI XNC CNC Control Panel, Vacuum Pump, Light Curtains


BIESSE Techno SVBL Automatic Feed Through Boring & Dowel Inserting Machine, s/n 82476 w/ (2) Vibratory Bowl Feeders, BIESSE CNC Controller


BIESSE Techno Logic Horizontal & Vertical Boring & Drilling Machine, 3200mm Working Area, (4) Bottom & (2) Top Vertical Units, (20) Horizontal Spindles Per, s/n 82475


BIESSE Beaver Multi-Spindle Boring Machine, (21) Spindle Horizontal & (2x10) Vertical Boring Units, s/n 224/84


ACCU SYSTEMS MMTJ-6 Full 3-Axis CNC Machining Center, Mitering, Mortising, Tenoning, s/n 022-07-MMTJ-6 w/ (2) Milling Heads


Est. 2014 PILLAR MACHINE MMTJ Full 3-Axis CNC Machining Center, Mitering, Mortising, Tenoning, s/n PM-018-14-MMTJ-12 w/ (2) Milling Heads


Edge Banders


2011 HOMAG KAL 210 Edition Single Side Edge Bander, End Trimmer, (2) Pre-Trim Top & Bottom, (4) Front & Rear Trim, Grooving Unit, Buffer, Quick Melt, s/n 0-200-66-7737 w/ HOMAG Electrical Panel


2006 HOMAG Optimat KAL 310/3/A20 Single Side Edge Bander, s/n 0-200-05-0575 w/ HOMAG Power Control PC22 Controller, Single Coil Banding Stand, Glue System, Milling, Buffing Stations


2000 HOMAG Optimat KL 76/A20 Edge Bander, Quick Melt glue system, Pre-Mill, Top & Bottom Bevel & Fine Trim, Edge Profile Shaper, Edge Sander, Top & Bottom Buffer, s/n 0-200-15-1893

2008 BRANDT KDF 770 Single Side Edge Bander, s/n 0-261-66-5627 w/ BRANDT PC 20+ Power Control, Glue System, Milling, Sanding, Buffing, Horizontal Coil Stand


(6) 1998 POLYMAC Single 89-N Hot Melt Contour Edge Banders


(2) DOUCET BT3-36 Edge Bander Return Conveyors


Vacuum Press


2001 WEMHONER PRESSEN KT-M-15/28-240 Membrane Hydraulic Vacuum Press, s/n 1-99-2108-50-0201 w/ (3) 59" x 110" Vacuum Shuttle Tables, 240-Ton Cap., Free Standing Storage Transfer Conveyor Carousel w/ (37) Stations, Siemens Simatic OP27 Control Panel


Case Clamps


2013 LIGMATECH MPH410/25/07 Case Clamp, 78" x 32" Opening, s/n 0-306-06-5325


2008 LIGMATECH MPH 400/09 Case Clamp Machine, 640mm x 560mm Clamp Opening, s/n 0-306-66-5178


2014 CAMERON AUTOMATION G179X-5 5-Arm Pneumatic Door Clamp


2011 CAMERON AUTOMATION 79X-5-LM 5-Arm Pneumatic Door Clamp, s/n 79X5-LM-M1


JLT 79X-5-M 5-Arm Rotary Miter Pneumatic Door Clamp


(30+) Reach Trucks & Forklifts


(2) 2008 RAYMOND EASI R45TT Electric Reach Trucks, 4,500lb Cap., 210" Mast Height, s/n’s EZ-08-39098, EZ-D-08-39389,


2007 RAYMOND EASI R40TT Electric Reach Truck, 4,000lb Cap., 36V, s/n EZ-D-07-38061


2006 RAYMOND EASI R40TT Electric Reach Truck, 4,500lb Cap., 200" Max Lift, s/n EZ-D-06-35986


2006 RAYMOND EASI R40TT Electric Reach Truck, 4,000lb Cap., 250" Max Lift, 36V, s/n EZ-D-06-37445


(2) 2007 RAYMOND 740 R35TT Electric Reach Trucks, 3,500lb Cap., 250" Max Lift, s/n’s 740-07-CA07754, 740-07-CA07764


(3) 2002 RAYMOND EASI R30TT Electric Reach Trucks, 3,000lb Cap., 192" Max Lift, 24V, s/n’s ET-D-02-11921, EZ-A02-25159, ES-D-00-08943

(2) RAYMOND EASI Electric Reach Trucks, 3,000lb Cap., 252" Max Lift, 36V, s/n’s ES-8-57-01818, ET-B-97-05407


RAYMOND DOCKSTOCKER DSS 350 TT Stand Up Rider Counterbalanced Electric Forklift, 3,500lb Cap., 227" Max Lift, 36V, s/n S350-00794-96


RAYMOND EASI Forklift, s/n 1818


HYSTER S70 FT Propane Forklift, 7,000lb Cap., 3-Stage Mast, s/n F187V11379F


(3) HYSTER S65XM Propane Forklifts, 6,000lb Cap., 3-Stage Mast, s/n’s D187V3099B, D187V30966B, N/A


HYSTER E60XN-33 Electric Forklift, 5,600Ib Cap., 187" Max Lift, 48" Forks, 48V, Cushion Tires, s/n A268N04916J


YALE GLC070VXNGSE085 Propane Forklift, 6,500lb Cap., 182” Max Lift, 3-Stage Mast, Cushion Tires, 54" Forks, Approx. 8,865hrs, s/n A910V04442C (Out of Service)


TOYOTA 42-6FGCU30 Propane Forklift, 5,800lb Cap., 187" Max Lift, Side Shift, Cushion Tires, Approx. 24,103hrs, s/n 60137 (Condition Unknown)


TOYOTA 42-6FGCU25 Propane Forklift, 5,510lb Cap., 170" Max Lift, Cushion Tire, Approx. 14,920hrs, s/n 61242


UNICARRIER MCUG1F2F30LV Propane Forklift, 5,250lb Cap., 187" Max Lift, Side Shift, Approx. 5,640hrs, s/n CUG1F2-9R21624


HYSTER E60Z-33 Electric Forklift, 5,500lb Cap., 193" Max Lift, Cushion Tires, 48" Forks, 36V, s/n G108N08853F


HYSTER E50XL Electric Forklift, 4,550lb Cap., 187" Max Lift, 48V, 48” Forks, Approx. 4,713hrs, s/n C108V17559N


CATERPILLAR EP6000 Electric Forklift, 5,640Ib Cap., 48V, Cushion Tires, Approx. 7,791hrs, s/n FN408955 (Condition Unknown)


(2) 2003 RAYMOND 112TM-FRE60L Rider Electric Pallet Jacks6,000lb Cap., 24V, s/n’s 112-03-48386, D187V30966B


HYSTER W20ZA Electric Stacker, 2,000lb Cap., 118" Max Lift, 24V, 42" Forks, s/n A495N01859E


Battery Charger Station w/ (10) Forklift Battery Chargers

SKYJACK SJIII 3219 Electric Scissor Lift


Trucks & Trailers


2021 KENWORTH T880 T/A Truck Tractor, Cummins X15 500 HP, Eaton Ultrashift Plus Transmission, VIN# N/A (Subject to Lease Approval)


2021 KENWORTH T270 S/A Straight Van Truck, Curtain Side, Paccar PX-7 350HP, Allison 2500RDS Transmission, VIN# 2NKHHM6H4NM980633 (Subject to Lease Approval)


2018 PETERBILT PB337 S/A Straight Van Truck, Pacar PX-7 350HP, Allison 2500RDS Transmission, Power Tailgate, VIN# 2NP2HM7X0JM466679 (Subject to Lease Approval)


2010 Transcraft Tri-Axle Curtain Side Trailer Model Eagle H F3 48’ X 102”, VIN# 1TTF483C3A1088285


(2) Lode King Tri-Axle Curtain Side Trailers, VIN# 2LDPF423649040977 & VIN# 2LDPF423719035606




2013 PACKSIZE EM7 On Demand Right Sized Packaging Solution System, 6-Station Custom Box Maker and Multiple Box Design Format, Large Infeed w/ Multiple Feed In Tracks


PACKSIZE On Demand GL II Auto Gluer, 4' Cap., s/n GL2-202286 w/ NORDSON Mesa 4-2H/G Gluer, s./n SA13G64138


SEALED AIR Instapak SpeedyPacker Insight Foam-ln-Bag Packaging System, s/n SP5-731S


SEALED AIR NewAir I.B. Flex Stand and Roll Winder, s/n NAF-16699


(2) FOX C4 48" Turntable Type Automatic Pallet Wrappers, s/n’s C4-092412-166, C4-052908118


WULFTEC WHP-200 High Profile Turntable Type Automatic Pallet Wrapper, s/n 1197-2722


DAMARK B44-180 Sleeve Wrapper, 36"W Feed Belt w/ DAMARK S44T6745 Heat Tunnel


2008 SA-321PE-W112-PS Shrink Wrap Machine, s/n 083006-02 w/ In/Out Gravity Feed Conveyors, 38" Flow Wrapper, Shrink Tunnel


STRAPACK RQ8 Strapping Machine, s/n 20325102


(5) STRAPACK JK-2 Semi-Auto Strapping Machines

(4) STRAPACK Strapping Machine


2017 Semi-Auto Strapping Machine, s/n 117011079


Portable 2-Wheel Strapping Cart w/ FROMM A335 Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tool


(2) Portable 2-Wheel Strapping Carts w/ FROMM P328 Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tools


(3) Portable 2-Wheel Strapping Carts w/ FROMM P326 Battery Powered Manual Plastic Strapping Tools


(2) Portable 2-Wheel Strapping Carts w/ FROMM P324 Sealless Battery Powered Plastic Combination Strapping Tools


Portable 2-Wheel Strapping Carts


(2) Foot Activated Pneumatic Box Staplers


Air Management


2008 ATLAS COPCO GA37VSD Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor, s/n AP1576752, 50HP, 185 PSI, 256 CFM


ATLAS COPCO GA75 Rotary Screw Air Compressor, s/n ATT 478325, 100HP, 132 PSI, 433 CFM


SULLAIR 1809E/A Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 25HP, s/n 200806120069


CHAMPION 25HP Piston Type Air Compressor


CHAMPION 10HP Piston Type Air Compressor


2002 ULTRA AIR UA250AC Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer, s/n U-36809-38


ATLAS COPCO Oil/Water Separator


Woodworking Support Equipment


ACT 150HP Dust Collection System w/ Controls, Blowers, Airlocks, Ducting, Fire Suppression System,


N.R. MURPHY 60HP Dust Collection System w/ Controls, Blowers, Airlocks, Ducting, Fire Suppression System


HAAS HTLL 145/185 Woodchipper, 57"W Opening, 75HP, s/n 25577


AIR CONTROL TECHNOLOGY GB 8x16x8 Enclosed Glue Spray Booth, s/n 6558-07/16, Dual Sliding Doors, Single Sliding Back Door, Exhaust Fan, Filter Box, 2020 BINKS Pressure Pot, s/n 375881


2008 TITUS PLUS 134 Hinge Insertion Machine, s/n 1220


2008 TITUS 133 Hinge Machine, s/n 1219


SCM T120C Spindle Shaper, s/n 1830579


SCM T 110 Spindle Shaper, s/n 8.S10581, w/ 2015 SIVER AP44 4-Roll Material Power Feeder


2004 OMAL Livello 1 Plus Dowel lnserter, s/n 4054, w/ OMAL Deluxe NC400 Control Panel


LARICK 222 Two Spindle Brush Sander, s/n 28028 w/ Variable Speed Controls


COOPER & HORTON Progress Edge Sander, 48" Table


PROGRESS PMC-150 Horizontal Belt Sander, s/n A927, 5HP, 6" x 48"


R&D Warehouse Room


Material Handling


2014 BLUE GIANT 'HW40001 Scissor Lift Table, 4,000kg Capacity, 48" x 66" Table, s/n 214122279


BLUE GIANT HW4001 Scissor Lift Table


ECONO LIFT Scissor Lift Table, 5,000lb Cap., 36" x 72" Table, Fool Pedal Controls


ECONO LIFT D0-30-20 Scissor Lift Table, 2,000lb Cap., s/n 83231


ECONO Scissor Lift Table, 2,000lb Cap., s/n 83232


HANDLING SPECIALTY Scissor Lift Table, 5,000lb Cap., 36" x 72" Table


HANDLING SPECIALTY 32-50 Scissor Lift Table, s/n L9829, 5,000lb Cap., 36" x 72" Table


Green Scissor Lift Table


(150+) Gravity Feed Roller Conveyors, 24" x 8'

(39) Sections of 18" x 8' Gravity Feed Conveyors


(13) Sections Gravity Feed Roller Conveyor, Approx. 18" x 8'


(3) Sections of Gravity Feed Conveyors


(11) Rolling Transfer Gravity Feed Conveyors w/ Floor Track


(20) Hydraulic Pallet Jacks, 2,500lb Cap.


CARDINAL 708 Digital Platform Scale, s/n 9411-17, 48" x 48", 5,000lb x 0.5lb


Plant Support Equipment


(161) Sections of NORTH AMERICAN STEEL Industrial Pallet Racking, 42”D, Approx. (8) Crossbeams Per Section


(85) Sections of Industrial Pallet Racking, 12’W x 42”D


(32) Sections of Industrial Pallet Racking, 6’W x 42”D w/ Mesh Decking


2005 Weber W5200v2 Industrial Label Printer Applicator


Batching System Model 1300, s/n BC-016


SWEED Scrap Banding Chopper, s/n 510AA-8-89-0094


(12) BSI BATCHING SYSTEMS Hardware Sorting / Bagging Line 600 Vibratory Feeders w/ Variable Speed Control, BATCHMASTER Series II Controller


Pegboard Mechanical Punch, s/n 10176 w/ In-Out Feed Conveyors, 48"W


BUFFALO 18" Pedestal Drill Press


(9) Portable Self Dumping Hoppers


(5) 10-Step Rolling Warehouse Ladders


(5 Rolling Warehouse Ladder


(3) Sections of 6' Racking


(4) 48" Portable Floor Fans


(2) 2-Door Flammable Storage Cabinets


(4) Metal Clip-Together Shelves, (3) 18" x 36", (1) 18" x 48"


(9) 4-Wheel Warehouse Order Picking Carts


Man Cage, Drill Press, Cut-Off saw, Bench Grinder, etc.


PLUS: Portable Dust Collectors, Benchtop Drill Presses, Rolling Racks, Compound Mitre Saws, Hand Tools, Line Painters, Grease Pumps, Pedestal Fans, Pneumatic Hand Staplers, 12" Bench Top Fans, 2-Step Stools, Picker Carts, 4-Wheel Dollies, Shop Vacs, BBQ, Pallet Racking & Much More


Showroom – Inventory – WIP


OVER $3MM IN NEW INVENTORY Including: New Kitchen Suites, Display Suites, Complete Suites, Kitchen Doors, Cabinets, Bases, Trims, Bathroom Vanities in Various Sizes & Styles, Large Qty. of Sinks, Fixtures, Faucets, Cabinets, APPROX. $600K Hardware Including Gas/Soft Close Door Hinges, Handles, Slides, Pulls, etc., $600K+ Wood Panels, Fiber Panels, Sound Boards, Bessemer Plywood, Panoply Wood Products, Tafisa Sommet Sheet Stock, Uniboard, Particle Board, etc.


Office Equipment


COMPLETE OFFICE CONTENTS Including: Executive Furnishings, Computers, Multi-Station Workstations, Seating, KYOCERA Taskfla 406ci/5002i Printers & Copiers, Servers, Networking, Cafeteria Area Contents, Staff Lockers, Office Supplies, Etc.


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