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Assessing Your Need for Used Industrial Equipment

October 03, 2019

Running an industrial business is not as simple as just hiring the best workers and getting projects done. There is a lot of capital to consider, and budgeting is a large and complex part of running this business effectively. Much of an industrial business’ capital is spent on equipment. Machinery is an investment – get the right ones at the right price, and your returns are increased. However, not many businesses realize they can optimize their returns by acquiring used industrial equipment instead of buying brand new.


Industrial businesses are some of the biggest employers in the world. With more projected growth, and the commitment to compensating workers well, a lot of capital investment has to go into keeping these businesses up and running. As such, opting for used industrial equipment is a great way to help spread out your capital more.


The most obvious benefit is in how the lower costs frees you up to spend that capital.


With lower taxes as well as initial purchase price, you can make big savings from the get-go, which means possibly even getting more than one machine at a time. This dramatically increases production output, which will in turn help you generate enough profit quickly to invest in yet another machine.


You don’t have to spend your extra capital on machines either. Perhaps you prefer to invest in a top-tier management team, or in training programs or benefits for your workers to improve productivity and worker satisfaction.


One of the key considerations you must make when deciding on what equipment to purchase is to assess your business reality. If industrial equipment is an investment, then you must approach it with the same scrutiny you would stocks or shares. Be realistic about the potential revenue your business can gain, and use that to determine how much purchasing cost you can afford. Considering that used industrial equipment can sell at 30-70% less than their new counterparts, there are some serious savings to be gained here that shouldn’t be overlooked.


At Infinity Asset Solutions, we give buyers tremendous flexibility in acquiring used industrial equipment by offering the options of auction and brokerage. Auctions in particular can really help you capitalize on value and variety. For more information about our auctions, check out our website.

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