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A Few Tips To Effectively Clear Out Used Industrial Equipment

February 08, 2022

Whether it is a large corporation or a small machine shop, it is common to accumulate used industrial equipment over time. Often, these machines sit idly in a warehouse, providing no discernable profit for the company. In such scenarios, it might be more prudent to dispose of these pieces of equipment for a decent profit. Depending on the condition of the machines and the market channels, there are several ways to do this effectively.

To elaborate further, here are few tips to make a profit from used industrial equipment

Machinery Auctions

One of the best market channels to sell used industrial equipment is conducting a machinery auction. By teaming up with a professional auction service like Infinity Asset Solutions, sellers are guaranteed an optimal return on investment as well as access to a trusted pool of potential bidders. Most of the auctions are conducted live, online, or both to provide maximum exposure to Infinity’s global customer base. The seller would usually need to pay a small commission to the auctioneer for organizing and appraising their machinery. Infinity can even take a principal position through acquisition of these assets at a fair price..

Consider A Trade

Sometimes, organizations might require different kinds of equipment, but it might be too expensive to purchase a new one. This problem can be easily solved by trading their used industrial equipment and procuring the new machine in exchange. Not only will this effectively dispose of their old machines, but it will also mean that the company would have to invest less in purchasing a new one. Trader Machinery Inc. (TMI) is the machinery brokerage division of Infinity Asset Solutions,and is Canada’s leading used machinery dealer with a large warehouse in Toronto, Ontario.


In certain cases, machinery may be inoperable and more expensive to restore it than to completely discard it. Recycling may be the best available option. Although the profit margins are lower than the above-mentioned options, it is still beneficial than letting the equipment sit idly, as it will at least clear valuable floor space.

Ultimately, if you are planning to relocate or remove used industrial equipment, it would be wise to consider these options depending on the condition of your machinery.

Infinity Asset Solutions is a leader in the field of organizing industrial & commercial auctions. We also offer our expert equipment appraisal services so that you get the most out of your machines.  Our extensive database of auction results and industry knowledge combined with our certified appraisers provides our clients with accurate and  reliable equipment appraisals.

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