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5 Reasons Equipment Appraisals Will Always Be Necessary Before Auctions

October 14, 2020

Buyers and sellers may find that they have a lack of information regarding the history, functionality, capability, and other characteristics of items and properties they intend to sell or buy. To resolve the conflict, appraisers can step in to settle the score. Equipment appraisal is a necessary step for any business looking to liquidate.

Here are the reasons why appraisals are so important:

State of Equipment Functionality

Step into your buyer's shoes for a moment -- if you were the one buying the equipment, you would want it to achieve all your objectives. Buyers will always want a functional and useful machine with a long-lasting lifespan and durability. Licensed equipment appraisal technicians can determine this quickly.

Genuine Brand and Make

Sometimes, sellers want to sell their machines at a high price due to its brand. Unfortunately, the device only fetches a fair price on par with average functional equipment with the same characteristics. Equipment appraisal technicians can verify the brand and manufacturer of the machine accurately.

Guaranteed Owner Transparency and Honesty

It's easy to take advantage of desperate buyers looking for low-priced equipment only to find their purchases eventually become problematic. Appraisers guarantee the seller is telling the truth and will be extremely honest even with buyers who may be rushing their purchases when looking for immediate tools and equipment replacements. 

Logistics and Planning

Auctioneer logistics require appraisers of equipment to determine the valid and actual value of each machine, tool, and other properties available for sale. In doing so, they can plan the auction flow and gauge customer interest accurately to guarantee sales for the seller.

Ensure Value-Adding Sale

An appraisal is about determining the value of your property. If auctioneers know their value precisely, they can give you the best estimate on the total profits the auction can generate. Auctioneers will always ensure you get the best prices for your pre-owned machines and the entire property in general.

Work Only With The Most Reliable Appraisers Around

Infinity Asset Solutions has been around for over 85 years. We've worked with numerous commercial and industrial businesses in liquidating assets with high resale value. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.


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