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5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Equipment Before Machinery Auctions

February 04, 2021

If you've got a surplus that requires liquidation before you can move out of your existing branch or factory, you'll need to hold machinery auctions. Thankfully, professional auctioning services like those offered at Infinity Asset Solutions can do this for you. However, before beginning this process, you'll need to prepare your equipment. Here are five easy steps to get your machinery ready:


Proper Function

If you can recall the last time you used your machinery, and if everything is in working order that’s a good start. Having your operating crew maintain condition checklists alongside the machines will ensure that when you’re ready to sell the most up-to-date information on each piece of equipment is available for inspection. A faulty machine is problematic during machinery auctions.


Professional Technical Maintenance

Ensure all to-be liquidated properties effectively function by hiring technical maintenance services to provide high-quality repairs, restorations, and observations. Professional help before machinery auctions is invaluable in increasing property value because they can restore machines to full working order.


Warranties and Guarantees

Product warranties and any existing guarantees affect the overall sale product sale value. Make sure you forward the auctioning services all relevant paperwork proving that you can pass on all existing warranties and guarantees to new owners. 


Appraised Regularly

Regular property appraisal helps you keep track of product value increases. Truthfully, every consultation might cost you but being in the right direction with maintenance and repairs is helpful. If you're selling properties in bundles, the appraisal is crucial in increasing your overall bundle value.


Complete All Product Information Accurately

Buyers do their due diligence and can spot discrepancies, especially as many are experts in their respective industries. Professional auctioneers will remind you to fill out all property information accurately. Inaccuracies will invalidate items and cause you to delay liquidation and even incur penalties.


Find The Best Auctioneers For Your Machines

Infinity Asset Solutions guarantees a maximum profit for all properties we liquidate. We guarantee top-notch service thanks to our years in the industry and a network of reliable professionals. Contact us today to learn about how we can gain you top market value! 


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