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4 Ways to Use Your Surplus Equipment

July 09, 2020

Surplus equipment is often perceived as a miscalculation, indicating that a company has not properly prioritized its inventory or budget. While it is true that surplus equipment is inventory that requires no immediate use and runs the risk of taking up necessary space, there are many things you can do you with your additional machinery or equipment to generate some productivity and profits.


Here is what you can do to make the most of your surplus:


You Have Spares if Something Breaks Down

Your daily routines should ensure that you're moving effectively towards your project deadlines. However, in the event of equipment breakdown, it can be hard to find replacement parts and fittings. If you have surplus machinery lying around, you can make the most of them either by disassembling them for parts or using them if the application fits.


You Can Use Them for Rental Income

Other businesses may also have machines that suddenly shut down and fail to operate. You can have them rent your surplus machines for a limited amount of time, even leasing them the equipment for 3-6 or even a year. Doing this will give you supplementary income.


However, if those above scenarios do not apply to you, there are still plenty of ways to generate profit from your surplus machinery.


You Can Include Them as Part of Your Property Sale

If you're planning on switching locations, you can have reliable auctioneers, such as us at Infinity Asset Solutions, appraise the existing surplus equipment in your facility. If they're still functional and capable, they will add value to your property, making your assets much easier and more profitable to sell off.


Auctioning Them Online is Easy

Online auctions are an efficient and effective way to help you get rid of surplus equipment. Infinity Asset Solutions can help you run extensive auctions on all your equipment, providing pictures and details to buyers online and then facilitating that transaction for you. If you procured the equipment recently, they would still fetch close to the actual buying price. You will always find buyers in online marketplaces, and you can even raise the price if there is low supply but hot demand for your equipment.


If you're planning to sell your property and surplus machines, you'll always find the best service from experienced and dependable industry auctioneers such as Infinity Asset Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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