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4 Sensible Things to Do With Your Surplus Equipment

February 08, 2021

Surplus equipment can be a double-edged sword for many businesses. On the one hand it’s hard to pass up a good deal and stock up for increased production or emergency scenarios. On the other hand, extra equipment can end up taking up precious storage space and can otherwise be liquidated. These extra machines are great investments, especially if you go with high-quality brands with an excellent reputation. However, if they can't give you value-for-money because they're surplus, it's best to have them sold. Here are four excellent courses of action when handling surplus.


Get Them Appraised Before Selling

One great course of action with surplus equipment is to sell them. However, all buyers in online buy-and-sell networks do in-depth research. Get an appraiser to evaluate your equipment before listing it for sale to secure your trustworthiness in the market.


Have Them Regularly Inspected For Future Use

You have excellent storage, and you believe your surplus machines are in great condition because of their minimal use. However, they must go through regular inspections and maintenance. Dried lubrication fluids, rusting screws and gaskets, and other problems will always be a potential problem for machines not in use.


Liquidate Them With Another Business

If you know a competitor who needs a machine in your surplus storage, you should consider selling your surplus. Competition isn't about undercutting your competitors in the manufacturing back end, but ensuring that both of you are providing top-quality services to your clients. Selling them your surplus is a great way to gain profits and help the local market.


Use an Auctioning Company 

An auctioning company is the best choice if you're selling more than just surplus. If you need immediate property liquidation, call upon industrial auctioneers for help. With years of experience, and a network spread over several industries, an auctioning company will be your best resource to gain back value.


Infinity Asset Solutions has more than a decades of experience auctioning industrial equipment and properties across the country. Contact us today to learn more about the full-service auction resources we can offer your business!


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