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4 Easy Ways to Prepare For Equipment Auctions

November 09, 2020

It can sometimes be difficult to sell your equipment, but it's a part of every business' liquidation process. In doing so, you can recoup capital, which you can use in establishing a new venture. However, you will want to maximize the profit you can get, which makes equipment auctions an excellent way to sell your properties. Here are four quick ways to get everything ready before the auction:

Have Equipment Specialists Look At Your Machine

Before putting your equipment and devices up for auction, have a technician with in-depth experience with your machine inspect and restore it’s functionalities. Truthfully, this will cost you a bit, but the ability to sell a fully-functional and capable product is a better prospect. In doing so, you can increase the potential profit you can receive from equipment auctions.

Use Only Professional Appraisers to Determine the Exact Equipment Market Value

Most appraisers will advise you to have technicians restore your machine's functionality to increase its value. Equipment auctions find success with high-quality equipment that can deliver their intended functions for less than the market price. Furthermore, advanced machines, which are rare or custom-built for your brand, fetch a high price too. 

Register Online For Auctions

Once the appraiser gives you their final estimated mark-up, you can register with digital auctioning services specifically for industrial machines. Most of these don't require you to pay anything upon signing up. However, they'll take a percentage off your successful unmanned auction.

Use a Dependable Auctioning Company

While most auctioning companies will take a percentage from any auction as part of their fee, experienced auctioneers can drive the price of machines, devices, and entire properties higher. Thanks to their dependable team of restoration technicians and appraisers, you'll just need to lay back and wait for the results!

You Won't Need to Look Far To Find Experienced Industrial Auctioneers

If you have yet to find a dependable auctioning company, you can count on us at Infinity Asset Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.


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