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4 Easy Steps to Get Started on Equipment Auctions

October 07, 2020


In most cases, equipment auctions services are extremely useful for businesses declaring bankruptcy and liquidating their business. The case is similar for business that have decided to close a few branches which has meant that franchise owners are now handling the bankruptcy processes. 

To get started on equipment auctions, here are four easy steps you can follow:

File For Business Liquidation

You or your franchise branch owner should proceed with filing your business' liquidation before contacting equipment auctions services. In doing so, you can receive the local government's signal to proceed with liquidating your assets in a seamless and government-aided manner.

Submit All The Requirements 

In Canada, businesses need to file their final tax return then close their payroll accounts with the Canada Revenue Agency. All businesses need to submit all liquidation requirements to receive clearance or permission to liquidate and sell your equipment in bulk. 

Contact Trustworthy Auctioneers

The process for liquidating a bankrupt business is similar to liquidating branches or closing your business. However, suppose you're closing your business without any debts. In that case, you can contact trustworthy auctioneers, such as Infinity Asset Solutions, to help you sell the equipment at the best prices in the market.

Wait For Auction Date and Receive High Returns

The auctioning company will handle the restoration and appraisal of your equipment and facilities. Furthermore, they'll handle every aspect of outreach to find interested property buyers. In doing so, you'll need to wait for the auction date and receive the highest returns from your liquidation. 

Get Only The Best Auction Specialists To Help You

If you have yet to find a dependable auctioneer to work with, you can count on Infinity Asset Solutions for all your specific needs. With decades of experience, we are confident in providing you the best auctions with excellent and consistent outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.


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