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3 Things to Look for When Searching for an Industrial Equipment Auctioneer

March 04, 2019

Finding a trusted auctioneer is probably just one of the many things you have to check off on your to-do list in the process of trying to liquidate your company’s equipment. Searching for a reputable auctioneer service you can trust can be the difference in saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars on your return investment for your equipment. Luckily there are a few things to look for when searching for a capable auctioneer before going forward with the plant auctions process.


Today we’ll go through 3 things to look for when searching for the best equipment auctioneer.


1. Appraisals


Finding a reputable auctioneer who is experienced in providing relevant industry standard appraisals will ensure that you are equipped with knowing the actual value of your equipment. The valuation process may seem tedious, but having an auctioneer who is well-versed in the values and costs associated with the equipment of your particular industry will increase the likelihood that prospective buyers will feel confident about the bidding process on the day of your plant auction.  


2. Liquidation


Liquidating your company is a disheartening process. Finding an experienced auctioneer who has previously dealt with liquidations can serve to ease any initial anxieties in knowing they are fully capable of ensuring you’re getting a solid return on the equipment you had initially bought.


3. Audits


The business of liquidating must adhere to provincial and federal legislation. Finding a reputable auctioneer also means finding a company that adheres to higher standards of professionalism and relevant fiduciary responsibilities. You’ll want to ensure there are no monetary hiccups down the road due to poor custodial service or a company not doing their due-diligence when it comes to providing relevant documentation.


Infinity Assets is a trusted and reputable auctioneer, providing solutions for your unique specifications and needs.


Infinity Asset Solutions is your go-to, full-service asset solutions provider. Our reputable and highly experienced team is capable of guiding you through every aspect of the plant auction process, providing any additional resources or services you may need. From appraisals, to specializing in liquidations, to audits, Infinity Assets is here to ensure you get a better return on your industrial equipment.

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