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Tuesday September 25, 2018
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Closing: Tue. 09/25/2018 11:00 am (EST)
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3750A Laird Rd. #2, Mississauga, ON, L5L 0A2
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Renewable Energy Integration & Isolated Grid Balancing Technology

Strict Removal Deadline in Effect “NO EXCEPTIONS

Major Items – Thursday Oct. 4th

Minor Items – Friday Sept. 28th

(If you cannot meet the removal deadlines – Please do not Bid)

Certain Assets Located at 109 7th Concession Rd. Enr, Clear Creek, ON. See Lot Catalog for more details.

Balancing Machine

2012 IRD BALANCING Cell: IRD BALANCING B150-15R Dynamic Horizontal Axis Soft Bearing Balancing Machine, 15,000lb Cap., 2921mm (115”) Max Rotor Dia., 10 g mm (0.4 g in) Max Sensitivity, 3353mm (132”) Standard Bed Length, 25 – 381mm Journal Diameter Range, 203-3124mm Journal-to-Journal Separation, Underslung Belt Drive w/ Air Belt Tensioning, P/N E45988, s/n 12B460187, 15HP, Baldor Controller, s/n T122700132, (2) TORMACH PCNC 1100 Series 3 CNC Milling Machines, s/n’s 2304, 2305, GREY MILLS & ENERPAC Powerpacks


Electrical Equipment

(10) EATON VFD Electrical Cabinet, (7) Conjoined Cabinets w/ (1) EMERSON CTLR 01/51 Phase I Controller, Model ECOP12061-01, s/n 12061-10, 460/208VAC, 500KW, 5HP, 812/15AMP, EATON RGH 70K, 1600AMP, CAT RGH316T33WP09, Style # 1485D15G01, Equipped w/ Digitrip 310 Trip Unit, RES1600LS, (70)  Emerson SPMD 1424 Inverter Units, 296A, 480V, 1000A Breaker, Emerson Commander Sk VFD, Emerson SKC3400 VFD, (3) 300A Large Inductors, (4) 300A Small Inductors (Note: (9) Cabinets Located in Clear Creek, ON)

VACON Blue/Grey VFD Electrical Cabinet, (5) Conjoined Cabinets, Power Unit # PA065050T0ISG, Control Unit CPAVA9A2AE0000, s/n 13985524, 650A, 380-500V

PARKER AC890PX Electrical Cabinet, Model HB0353938, 460V

EMERSON CONTROL TECHNIQUES VFD Electrical Cabinet, (6) Conjoined Cabinets, Model ECOP10137-01, s/n 10137-01, 480V, 335HP, 491AMP

REX POWER MAGNETICS 750KVA Transformer, 600D Primary, 460Y/266 Secondary

(10) 2013 ABB POWER Outdoor Transformers, 750KVA, 27,600V Primary, 460Y/265 Secondary (Located in Clear Creek, ON)

REX POWER MAGNETICS 300KVA Transformer, 600D Primary, 480Y/277 Secondary

2013 ABB POWER Outdoor Transformer, 250KVA, 27,600V Primary, 600Y/347 Secondary (Located in Clear Creek, ON)

PACIFIC CREST TRANSFORMERS Outdoor Transformer (Located in Clear Creek, ON)

MOSEBACH Portabank PB2F95/95SPH Control Unit, s/n PB012512-1, 480V, 95KW

Reactor Cabinet

Concrete Containment Vault w/ Lids & Electrical Panels


Material Handling

Freestanding Crane System w/ O’BRIEN 30’ x 10 Ton Cap. Bridge, 90’ Runway, Buzzbar, Remote Control, s/n 5-7069

O’BRIEN 40’ x 12.5 Ton Cap. Bridge Crane, Street 12.5 Ton Cap. Hoist, Pendant Control, s/n 5-7517 (Located in Clear Creek, ON)

2016 CATERPILLAR GC70KS Propane Forklift, 14,700lb Cap., 3 Stage, 188” Max Lift, CAS/150D-SSS-C110 Attachment, Cushion Tires, s/n AT89A00702

CATERPILLAR C3500 Propane Forklift, 2,700lb Cap., 3 Stage, 188” Max Lift, Lift Tech / SS32C15 Attachment, Non-Marking Tires, s/n AT81F20227

Portable/Adjustable Gantry, 3 Ton Cap. w/ CM Electric Hoist



GRIEVE TB-550 Electric Oven, 575V, 23.5KW, 550 Degree F Max Temp., s/n 104139A0911

DESPATCH LAC-12-8 Oven, 500 Degrees F Max Temp, s/n 191443, Protocol 3 Temperature Control


Shop Presses

BAILEIGH Hydraulic Shop Press, 50 Ton Cap.

SUNEX 5250 H-Frame Press, 50 Ton Cap.

DAKE Hydraulic Press

DAKE Hydraulic Bench Top Press, 10 Ton Cap.


Support Equipment

(2) 2013 REF PLUS FVD224D-8 Cooling Units, Glycol, 150 PSI, 600/3/60, s/n’s D2013050513, D2013050514

AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES VS Leak Detector, Part No. VSMR151, s/n 13400014

TECHTRONICS MDO4104 6 Mixed Channel Oscilloscope

GAS ALERT Max XT II Air Quality Meter

CRITERION INSTRUMENTS AV/DV-50A-95/10V Dielectric Strength Tester, s/n 11135

MEGGER MIT420 Insulation Tester


EMERSON Cooling Pump Test Station, 480V

2013 DIVERSI-TECH INC. FRED JR Portable Fume Extractor, s/n FRSC-2810-1423

TECHIPEX RT-6 Machine Dollies, 6 Ton Cap.

KING INDUSTRIAL KC-5160B1 Air Compressor, 6.5HP

MAKON Chiller Unit

DAVIT Hoist/Arm

LISTA Portable Tool Cabinet

PLUS: Metal Stands, Magnetic Material, Precision Instruments, Metal Storage Cabinets, Granite Surface Plate, Bearings, Workbenches, Power & Hand Tools, Fireproof Cabinet, Swivel Eye Bolts, Rigging Straps & Chains, Computer & Office Equipment, Floor Scale, Soldering Stations, Eyewash Stations, Defibrillator, Fire Extinguishers, Digital Scales/Balances, Carts, Warehouse Ladders, Pedestal Fans, Shop Vacs, Hardware, Hydraulics, Electrical, Parts Bins, Pallet Racking, Toolboxes, Pallet Jacks, Scrap Metal, Forklift Boom & Man Cage and Much More!

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