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Thursday February 8, 2018

Fully Automated Duct Manufacturing Line
Est. 2012 AUTO FOLD 516 Fully Automated Duct Manufacturing Line Consisting Of: O’BRIEN 5 Ton Cap. Track Mounted Crane System, Approx. 12’ Bridge x 40’ Runway w/ Spreader Beam, (6) Spool Uncoiler System, 10,000lb Cap. Per Spool, From 48” to 60” Slit Width, (6) Station Feeder, Straightening Roll, Beading Machine, S&D or TDF Notchers Up to 2” Depth, Snap Lock Male Press, Drive Station, Shear/Folder, Programmable Pittsburgh/Snap Lock Machine (Can Switch Between), Computerized Control w/ Jubilee Pendant, Low Maintenance, Extremely Efficient (Replaces for Approx. 350K USD)


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Closing: Thu. 02/08/2018 10:00 am (EST)
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Pointe-Fortune, Quebec, Canada
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Wednesday February 7th, 9AM-4PM
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HVAC Machinery & Support Equipment MAXIFLEX Flexible Duct Manufacturing Line Including: Cradle, Feeder, From Approx. 8” to 30” Diameter Duct, Outfeed Table, Beta II Variable Speed Control HVAC Line Consisting Of: LITTELL No. 5 Uncoiler, 600lb Cap., ENGEL CSF-6 Coil Strip Line Feeder, s/n 7063-88, FLAGLER Quad Former (10) Station Roll Former, 22GA, s/n QF.620 704, ENGEL 750 Edgenotcher, s/n 1427-73, AMS Digital Control DURANT TOOL COMPANY DDSC-2 Dual Uncoiler, s/n 670-48F w/ WELTY-WAY FEEDIE Feeder & Built-In Shear, s/n 47015 (Used to Make 10’ Strips of Metal) DURO DYNE PBFS 14 Pinspotter HVAC Vane Forming Machine, 3.5”W, Dual Spool Uncoiler HVAC Standing S Cleat Machine (Used With Vane Forming Machine) Electric Coupling Machine, 16” w/ Infeed Conveyor 72” Beading Machine EMPIRE CM7RZ Electric Spin-In Collar Machine, Digital Control PEXTO CE-300 Electric Turning Machine, 22-30GA, s/n 850870 JORG 5320 Electric Turning Machine, 9.5” Throat, s/n 922618 EMPIRE CM6Z Electric Turning Machine EMPIRE M3 Electric Turning Machine EMPIRE Electric Turning Machine ROGUE 1992000 Electric Turning Machine, s/n 560 ROGUE Electric Turning Machine

Roll Formers & Flangers

EMPIRE 1640V-II (16) Station TDF Roll Former, s/n 81997-97

LOCKFORMER (10) Station Roll Former, 20GA, s/n 5C1295

(9) Station Roll Former, Pittsburgh & Snap Lock

(9) Station Roll Former

LOCKFORMER (7) Station Roll Former, 16GA, Pittsburgh & Pipe Seam, s/n 12221

FLAGLER P.F. Power Flanger, 18GA, s/n 18-200-1179

Plasma Cutting Table

MULTICAM AP Series Plasma Cutting Table, 5’ x 10’, Pendant Control, s/n AP20403622, HYPERTHERM Powermax 1000 G3 Series Power Source w/ Ventilation

Shears, Brakes & Plate Bending Rolls

2000 HACO TS.3006 Hydraulic Power Shear, 3050mm x 6mm Cap., 1000mm Squaring Arm, Back Gauge, s/n 00085760

THE PRESS & SHEAR MACHINERY CO. LTD. Hydraulic Shear, 10’, 1/8” Cap., s/n 1018BGA68554

EDWARDS Truecut 3.5/1250 Hydraulic Power Shear, 0.135” x 50” Cap., Back Gauge, s/n 737801302

RAS TURBO Bend Plus CNC Hydraulic Box & Pan Brake, 12’6”, 14GA, System 5000 Control, 80 Degrees/Second Bending Speed, Back Gauge

2010 KING INDUSTRIAL BB-BP4822 Box & Pan Brake, 48”, 22GA, s/n 990317

2005 KING INDUSTRIAL BB-BP4816 Box & Pan Brake, 48”, 16GA, s/n 941015

FECO Roto-Die 10 Hydraulic Brake Press, 10’, Back Gauge, s/n 81935

ROPER WHITNEY 816 Hand Brake, 8’, 16GA, s/n 3693-12-00

Small Manual Bench Mounted Folder

2005 LION MACHINERY Model A Cleat Bender, 30”

Bench Mounted Cleat Bender, 24”

2000 EMPIRE 5016 Pinch Plate Roll, 50”, 16GA, s/n 08498

BROWN BOGGS G1055 Bench Mounted Pinch Plate Roll, 36”, 20GA

ROPER WHITNEY SR-12 Bench Mounted Pinch Plate Roll, 12”, 22GA, s/n 9-99


2013 TECNA 3322A Portable Spot Welder, 65KVA, s/n 10054 w/ 1 Ton Portable Gantry System

2014 PEI POINT BSP 226 RFPX 1600 Spot Welder, 25KVA, 24” Throat, PX 1600 Control, 220V, s/n 1407310

RAINBOW ELECTRONICS PL-15 Spot Welder, 15KVA, 21” Throat, 230V, s/n BP66

HYPERTHERM Max 42 Plasma Cutter, s/n 071003 w/ Honeywell Compressor

MILLER Bobcat 225 CC/CV, AC/DC Welder, 11,000 Watt Generator, s/n MA170001H

MILLER Syncrowave 200 Welder, s/n MA170314L

MILLER Millermatic 212 Auto-set Welder

MILLER Millermatic 140 Auto-set Welder


CANOX C-SW250 Constant Current AC/DC Arc Welding Power Source, s/n 903084-01-1

CANOX Starpower 151 CC/DC Inverter Welding Power Source

FRED ICS Portable Fume Extractor

Drill Presses, Saws & Notchers

2004 KING INDUSTRIAL 22” Drill Press, 12 Speed, s/n 253053

RIDGID DP15000 Drill Press, s/n 9926400288

JET JDP-17F 17” Drill Press, s/n 21170

JET TDP-805M Drill Press, ½” Cap., s/n 3064

EVERETT INDUSTRIES 14 16 Cold Saw, 3,210 RPM, s/n 99-4338 w/ Infeed/Outfeed Conveyors

EISELE VMS-1 Cold Saw, s/n 76526 w/ Infeed/Outfeed Conveyors

CRAFTEX 15” Wood Bandsaw

TENNSMITH TN Manual Notcher, 16GA, s/n 17172

Material Handling

HYSTER H60XL Propane Forklift, 6,000lb Cap., 177” Max Lift, 3 Stage, Sideshift, Outdoor Tires, 296hrs, s/n A177837828L

WHITES MA40 Propane Forklift, 3,930lb Cap., 162” Max Lift, 3 Stage, Solid Tires, s/n 26104514

AIR TECHNICAL Scissor Lift Table, 4,000lb Cap., 8’ x 4’

Finished Product, HVAC Supplies & Raw Material

Square Ducting – 5’L Coil Duct Sections Ranging from 28GA up to and Including 16GA Galvanized Sheet Metal, Custom Sheet Metal Fittings, All Built to SMACNA Standards, Stainless Steel & Aluminum Fittings

Complete Spiral & Round Fitting Fabricating – Spiral Duct Manufacturing Ranging from 3” – 36” Diameter, Standard 10’ Lengths, Plasma Cut Round Fittings, Spin-ins Sizes Ranging from 4” – 20” Diameter with or without Dampers, Adjustable, Fixed and Stamp Elbows, Beta Elbows

Aluminum Flexible Duct – Sizes Ranging from 3” – 20” Diameter, Insulation Sleeves, UL 181 Rated Sleeves

Roof Top/Air Handling Units Curbs – Transitioning Roof Curbs or Curb Adapters, Standard Roof Curbs, Seismic Curbs

HVAC Accessories – Duct Sealer, Turning Vanes & Bottom Track, Standing S Cleats, Flat S Cleats & Drive Cleats, Galvanized Angle/Angle Iron, Hardware, Galvanized Strap Hangers, Foil Tape & PVC Tape, Blue Skin Wrap for Leed Certified Projects, TDC/TDF Corners & Cleats

Air Distribution Items – Grills, Registers & Diffusers, VAV Boxes, Fan Powered Boxes, Washroom Exhaust Fans, Egg Crate, Dampers-Supply and Return, Fire Dampers/Fire Stop Flaps

Assorted Sheet Metal, Bar Stock & Coil Stock

Plant Support

15HP Tank Type Air Compressor

PORTER CABLE Jetstream 7.5HP Vertical Tank Type Air Compressor

GRIPNAIL Power Pinner Rapid Fire 7005 RF Pin Insertion Machine, s/n 13020501 w/ Vibratory Bowl Feeder & Magazine

TALOC Pin Press, 16GA, 24” Throat

Bench Mounted Pneumatic Press


70” Manual Slitter

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